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Veefly Unveils Expert Insights by Optimizing Your Videos For Likes to Maximize Engagement

USA, June 12, 2023 – If you want to grow your YT channel, knowing how to gain likes on your video can help you achieve that. Views and likes are significant on YouTube, but getting 400 likes and 1000 subscribers is more important than gaining 100k views as it increases the user engagement rate. This blog has laid out the complete guide on how to get YouTube likes.

How To Increase Likes On Your YouTube Video?

YouTubers hire promotion services to generate likes, views, and subscribers on their channels. However, hiring services are significant as practising some techniques can save you dollars and increase user engagement.

Create A YouTube Video Popup

Creating a YouTube video popup can assist you in generating YouTube views if you add it to your website. For example, if visitors search for a guide on sowing a seed, you can direct them to your YT channel by adding a video pop-up on the same topic on your blog page.

Walk Through With Trends

Since the lifespan of trends is short, and any trend can go outdated in a week, creating a video on it before it’s too late is essential. You can look through the viral videos on the platform to know what’s in trend and make a video to get maximum likes.

Add End Screen To your Video

Even though increasing engagement is challenging, but some techniques can help increase your user engagement rate. The end screen feature is one of them. Use this feature to lead your target audience to your other videos.

Add YouTube Cards To Your Video

Many YouTubers also use the YT card to increase engagement and gain legitimate views on the channel. With YouTube cards, you can promote your other content within a video. This card can be used in many ways. Below mentioned are some examples of creating YT cards to promote YouTube videos:

  • Ask people to like your video
  • Video promotion
  • Direct viewers to your website
  • Generate subscribers to the channel
  • Donate to NGOs, etc.

Create An Entertaining Video

Your content should focus on catering entertaining videos to your viewer as they either want to learn something or see the entertainment. For that, knowing what your audience likes to watch is significant, and here is the topic list you can create a video on.

  • Food vlogging
  • Streaming videos
  • Music videos
  • Fashion Tips
  • Sports news
  • AI technologies


We have mentioned some effective techniques to increase likes on YouTube videos. But these techniques not only help you generate likes but also views and subscribers. Besides this, you can also hire YouTube promotion services that promote your channel using Google Adwords and increase views and subscribers.



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