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Use of Private Jets Booms Despite Commercial Airline Revival

Since 2019, the use of private jets has increased significantly, with many more people worldwide opting to hire planes to fly themselves and others to thousands of different destinations around the globe. In 2020, people switched from using commercial airlines and instead chose to use private jets to avoid contact with large groups of people outside of their circle. It was expected that the private jet industry would see a decline after 2020; however, this has not happened, and it doesn’t look like it will occur any time soon.

Why private jets became so popular

One of the main reasons for this is that, in 2020, individuals started using a private jet charter that they normally never would and realized the benefits and improvement in the flying experience it gave them. This then caused them to continue using private jets over commercial airlines in the future, leading to private jet businesses growing significantly in the following years. In 2020, the demand for using private jet businesses grew by 10 per cent, which was 14 per cent higher than what was seen in 2019. According to WingX, a company that collects aviation data, the number of people utilizing private jet businesses is the highest it has ever been in history.

2020 was the catalyst to kick start the rise of the private jet industry, with many people that were wealthy enough to fly privately opting to charter a plane for both domestic and international flights. People use private jets for all kinds of travel, from business trips with colleagues to family vacations to exotic countries. Choosing to charter a private jet gives those traveling a lot more flexibility when compared with flying with commercial airlines. You get to not only pick the type of aircraft to fly in but also to decide the departure time and often have the option to land at smaller airports closer to your final destination.

It is easy to see why many of those who could afford to hire a private jet for their trip switched to using them more often after seeing how much smoother the experience of flying was. You aren’t restricted to tight departure times that can be extremely stressful when you happen to run late through no fault of your own. With private jets, you and the group you are traveling with are the only passengers, so the flight will not depart until you arrive at the airport. Private jets also often take off from much smaller airports that are nowhere near as busy as the large airports from which commercial airlines depart. This makes the experience much less stressful as you can get through security much quicker at these smaller airports.

Benefits of private jets

In 2020, there was a shortage of airport staff, including pilots, which meant fewer flights were available. This reduced the flexibility of someone wanting to travel on a specific day at a certain time. One of the best ways around this issue was to fly privately instead. Doing this would guarantee that you could fly from wherever you want at whatever time is best for you, and you wouldn’t have to worry about not having enough flight staff for the trip as everything was booked well in advance. Flying in a private jet also reduces the chance of your flight suffering delays due to problems with the plane or the runway management, which is common at larger airports where commercial airlines take off from.

Private jet companies based in the United States have reported a consistent number of people booking a private jet charter throughout last year, which has steadily increased this year. So much so that during the last holiday season, some private jet companies saw the most bookings to date. People were so eager to fly privately that the majority of bookings for flights started happening up to two months in advance, which was something that hadn’t really been seen before.

Some big companies that make a lot of business trips throughout the year have started to use private jet charters exclusively because of some of the issues that can occur from flying with commercial airlines. Private jets are not only more comfortable for all travelers, but they are also a lot more reliable and greatly reduce the chances of things like delays and flight cancellations. When this happens during a business trip, it can interfere with the trip’s schedule and reduce the amount of work that gets done. It also can cause stress amongst the company’s employees, which can negatively impact the business to conduct their work effectively and maximize growth. It is clear that private jet charters are becoming more popular every day and will continue to grow as more people see their benefits.