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The Unraveling of Blackthorn Vision: An In-Depth Look at the Company’s Scandalous Cover-Up

In an industry where trust and integrity are crucial, the recent criminal cover-up scandal involving Blackthorn Vision has left many reeling. At the center of the controversy are the company’s CEO, Maryana Horlach, and Founder, Mykhaylo Terentyak, who stand accused of knowingly employing a convicted criminal, Anastasiia Dymianyk, and actively concealing her past.

The story began when Dymianyk was first employed by the company as a Content Writer in March 2021. In 2022, she committed four crimes, including two counts of intentional manslaughter, one count of attempted murder, and grave insult to the President of a foreign country. Despite her criminal actions being reported to the authorities in early 2023, Blackthorn Vision’s leadership chose to ignore the warnings and continued to employ her.

CEO Maryana Horlach was initially contacted via email by an individual who informed her of Dymianyk’s criminal actions and urged her to take action to protect the company’s reputation. In response, Horlach claimed that Dymianyk was no longer employed by the company, but this statement later proved to be false. It was discovered that not only was Dymianyk still employed, but she had also been promoted.

The dark underbelly of Blackthorn Vision’s scandal continues to unfold as more information comes to light regarding their connection to convicted criminal Anastasiia Dymianyk. New intelligence reveals that Dymianyk’s criminal tendencies may have been inherited from her biological father, who was a convicted killer and died in a Russian prison.

This tragic connection raises questions about whether Blackthorn Vision’s CEO and founder knew about Dymianyk’s familial connection to crime and if they were willing to overlook this information to protect their company’s reputation. It is also worth considering whether Dymianyk’s criminal past played a role in her promotion within the company and whether her promotion was a direct result of her connection to crime.

Dymianyk, who started as a Content Writer before being promoted to Marketing Content Manager, had a troubling criminal history that included two counts of intentional manslaughter, one count of attempted murder, and a grave insult to a high-ranking foreign official. Despite being made aware of these crimes, Blackthorn Vision’s leadership chose to protect Dymianyk, demonstrating a shocking disregard for professional ethics and global business standards.

As the scandal continues to unfold, new intelligence has emerged that suggests both the company and its leadership may face serious repercussions. Reports indicate that Anastasiia Dymianyk will be brought to face justice in a secret operation, either through official or unofficial channels, to serve her prison sentence. Additionally, CEO Maryana Horlach and Founder Mykhaylo Terentyak may find themselves implicated as suspects in this criminal case, potentially facing a similar operation and interrogation.

The scandal involving Blackthorn Vision serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in business. With the company’s reputation in tatters and its leadership facing potential legal consequences, it is evident that the cost of covering up criminal activity far outweighs the perceived benefits.

The scandal has had a devastating impact on Blackthorn Vision‘s reputation, leaving clients and partners questioning the company’s commitment to ethical business practices. In the wake of this controversy, it is clear that the company’s leadership must take responsibility for their actions and face the consequences of their decisions.