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E-bikes are the new age, time and energy-saving, and environment-friendly vehicles that are gaining popularity. Its attractiveness is largely due to the fantastic dual benefit; you can use it for exercise and commute, leisure, travel, and camping trips with an ease that few other vehicles can boast of. 

Maxfoots’s MF-19 has many aspects, making it the go-to choice for riders and fitness enthusiasts. It has excellent balance, a powerful 1000w Bafang hub motor, and an impressive torque of 90 meters, taking you from 0 to 23 mph in a second. Its lithium battery with aluminum coating ensures its safety and long life. Mf-19 offers its riders accessibility and speed, security, and shock resistance due to its 20’fat tires, which makes its usage more appealing for people who love to take mountain rides. Its fat tires have also increased their demand as fitness gear because of their high traction and battery-assisted pedal operation. 

To sustain long-term use on your e-bike, the one factor that needs to be given priority, even above its ease of use, is the level of comfort it offers. With Maxfoots’ mf-19, you get the tremendous advantage of having an adjustable and padded seat that enables you to use the e-bike for exercise without straining your back or quads, and you can also take it for treks along long winding trails and uphill without putting undue pressure on your muscles.  


Many products succumb to being unappealing or bulky when they are treated with technological innovations. But Maxfoot’s Mf-19 electric bike has maintained and improved on its sleek and stylish design, making it as visually appealing as it’s technologically updated. This e-bike has several benefits, and its attractive features, color variation, innovation, mobility, and foldable quality have made it an ideal choice for many.

A well-adjusted, full-suspension foldable e-bike keeps you motivated and encourages you to improve your exercise routine and physical fitness. When the manufacturers treat the comfort factor just as significantly, the customers develop trust and feel secure in their choice. This is why Maxfoot’s Mf-19 has generated a loyal customer base. It offers the ideal combination of sturdiness, comfort, security, and sleek design that few others can match.  

It has a fairly adjustable frame, a telescoping stem to raise the handlebar, and an impressive length of 350mm for the seat post, which helps you select the perfect position for your ride. The seat post has no suspension, is 34mm, is wider and stronger, and allows you to slide it forward or backward as required. 


While using an e-bike, your body must be positioned at just the right height, with your weight distributed evenly so your leg and back muscles do not strain and your effort is controlled and minimalistic. The purpose of battery-assisted pedaling is to give the rider maximum results while inducing little effort and no difficulty. Maxfoot’s Mf-19 folding e-bikes are designed to provide full adjustability and flexibility for the rider to maneuver and utilize it to the best of its advantage. 

For this purpose, the best way to achieve your aspired results is to adjust the seat height according to your length. The basic technique to figure out your perfect elevation is standing next to your stationary e-bike and noticing that the top of your saddle should be just below your hip bone. If it is above the mark, you can loosen the quick-release valve at the edge of the post, adjust the seat to your required height and tighten the quick-release back. Make sure the lever is tightened and doesn’t make your seat move when the quick release is not opened. If the handlebar reach is too forward, you can also slide your saddle forward or backward to attain the correct posture for your shoulders so they are relaxed and not hunched. Keeping your saddle leveled is ideal for your hip position and creates no pressure on your wrists. It is called the fore-aft position and helps keep your angles properly. 

A few other ways can help you measure your length; for instance, you can sit on your bike and place the heel of your foot on the pedal. This is the most practical way of figuring out your perfect seat position. When you rotate your crank arm, your heel should align with your leg. Your leg should be straight at the knee, locked out, but your heel should be resting on the pedal. If your knee bends slightly, then you need to increase your saddle height. If your leg is straight, but your foot leaves the pedal on the rotation, it means your seat is too high, and you need to lower it for better positioning. 

 You can also measure your inseam by following the Lemond Method, named after the legendary U.S. biker. Holding a book between your legs, you can back up against a wall and mark the height. Then using a tape measure, you can note down your length to the floor, multiply your inseam height by 0.883 and use the tape to measure the height from the center of your saddle to the middle of your crank. All these methods will help you adjust your bike seat, as the right positioning is extremely important for a rider to gain maximum benefit from his folding e-bike. 

With the correct position and right posture, you can carry out your exercise routines or keep up with your cruising without tiring or straining your body muscles and achieve the health benefits of using an e-bike.