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The Meatery Offers High-Quality A5 Wagyu to Customers in the USA & Canada

SAN DIEGO, California – Are you looking for the best Wagyu in San Diego? Look no further, The Meatery provides excellent, certified Wagyu steak from Japan, Australia, and America with a variety of cuts all boasting a quality that is certified by the Kobe Beef Association. Both the products made in the bounds of the country and imported to The Meatery have an excellent variety of products.

If You’re Looking for the Best Wagyu, Visit The Meatery

Nicholas Fiorentino founded TheMeatery.com in 2020 as the lockdown barred access to premium meats many consumers had grown accustomed to. With profits exploding through sales to clients living across the USA and Canada. 

Fiorentino recently unveiled a new website and hopes to customize the shopping experience by matching customers with the perfect cut every single time. Over these last two years, The Meatery has learned a great deal about their customers and has applied their specific needs to their developments as a business. Specifically, the Meatery has unveiled informative videos and content on its website. Riding the wave of success, The Meatery is planning the opening of another location in 2023.

The Best Wagyu Steak San Diego Can Offer

California is host to a seemingly limitless supply of niche market businesses, but the location you can find the best Wagyu? San Diego! Local business The Meatery is one of very few Kobe Beef Certified butchers in the country, has by far the biggest selection of Japanese, Australian, and American Wagyu Steak, and has hundreds of 5-star reviews. Multiple variables will have an impact on the flavor profile associated with each cut of Wagyu steak. However, regardless of where your Wagyu beef is from, you can be certain that you will be enjoying a special cut of beef that is world-renowned for its rich taste. 

To learn more, visit TheMeatery.com