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7 Steps to Your Guest Blogging Strategy

If you are conducting content marketing for your business and want to generate the best ROI from your marketing strategy, you cannot but adopt guest blogging strategies. It is a key to your content marketing funnel and can successfully boost your website traffic.

There are many speculations about guest blogging being a dying marketing tactic. However, as a content marketer myself, I can assure you that it is still relevant and a necessary step for your business.

So, here is a complete guide for you to strategize and start your guest blogging:

Guest Blogging Strategies

Guest blogging can help a website to generate authority, increase traffic, enhance brand awareness, and generate backlinks. In short, with guest blogging strategies, a website can gain exceptional SEO results crucial for a business.

However, most people struggle to generate a good guest blogging strategy. So, here is my ultimate guide to guest blogging that any business can follow:

Set Up Specific Goals

Like every other marketing strategy, guest blogging starts with specifying goals. Setting proper goals beforehand makes it impossible to steer in the right direction. The common goals of guest blogging are:

  • Driving traffic to websites or on appropriate landing pages
  • Generating brand awareness
  • Boosting SEO success by generating inbound links
  • Becoming an expert in relevant industry
  • Increase traffic on social media
  • Getting email subscribers

Guest blogging can generate trust with the audience and build a bio. When your consumers find out what you have promised and delivered properly, they will be more likely to hear what you have to say and be compelled to conduct appropriate actions that you inspire.

Finding Blogging Sites

Once you have set your goals, you will need to find websites that accept guest authors and look for content. There are several ways to find websites to post content that fulfills your goals.

The first way is to conduct a simple Google search. All you need to do is write your topic keyword phrase with write for us, guest article, or become a contributor on the search bar and press enter. The same goes for Twitter.

You can also utilize your competitor analysis to find websites for guest posting. Simply follow your competitors or subscribe to their email newsletter to see where they are posting their guest posts. You can also utilize tools like SEMRush to see where your competitors’ inbound links are coming from.

Make sure that the sites you are considering are well regarded and can offer good value in backlink generation. Websites with high-domain authority will help in this manner significantly.

Build a Connection with the Site Owner

Once you have done your website research, it’s time to build a connection with the site owner. Most site owners are not amused with cold pitches unless the content is brilliant. Also, they may be tired of poor content quality and irrelevant pitches.

Therefore, to succeed in your guest blogging efforts, you should start by making a connection with the site owners. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Learn properly about the website. Research the type of content and the audience of the website. Take your time to conduct this research.
  • Connect with the site owners on social media. This way, you can mention them while sharing their content. You can share any content that you love and include a compelling caption. Make sure to give your best effort to generate a genuine connection with them.
  • Choose your content topic that resonates with other content on the website, adds value to other content, or is a relevant topic that is not explored much. You can utilize Buzzsumo to find appealing content ideas.
  • Make sure to follow the guidelines for pitching and writing content if there are any on the site. If those guidelines are not followed, there is a chance that the owner will reject your pitch without reading it.

Tailor Your Pitch

As you start outreach for guest post, you will need to tailor your pitch. Avoid generic pitches and create something that resonates with your brand and the website owner. Here are some runes that can help you generate a killer pitch:

  • Keep the pitch short and relevant
  • Include the owner’s name in the pitch. It will show that you have done your homework
  • Include the post title with your pitch. Some people make the post title their email subject for ultimate success.
  • Briefly describe the posts. Bullet points can be handy in this manner.
  • Include how the content will help the readers in your pitch
  • Mention your credibility and why you are the best person to write the post

Craft your pitch carefully with appropriate language and tone. This will make you stand out from most of the crowd.

Write Brilliant Content

Once your pitch is accepted, you will need to start your guest post. If it is your first content on a particular site, ensure that it is the best content you have ever written.

Here are some tips for writing brilliant content:

  • Tailor attention-grabbing headline
  • Research appropriate keywords
  • Include relevant internal and external links
  • Don’t forget about including appropriate images
  • Format the post correctly

Writing content requires a perfect balance of creativity and technique. Make sure to take your time while writing your content.

Write Your Bio

The work you’ve invested till now to generate your guest blog bio is the payoff of that work. Here, you get to link your website to generate traffic. Most blogs offer the following options to link your website:

  • A single link to the homepage of your website
  • A link to any page on your website
  • A link to your website with your social media profile, or
  • Several links to your website with your social media profile link

Some websites may also offer unlimited links in the bio. You will most likely be offered one link to your website with your social media handle. You will need to utilize this link properly.

Bottom Line

So, here are the strategies you need to start your guest blogging. After that, you will need to be responsive in answering queries from the readers, promoting your content, generating more posts, and tracking your success.

Guest blogging is a great opportunity to reach more audiences and inspire them to visit your website without spending much. You can also employ writers to write for your posts and publish them in the guest blog.

There are agencies that offer this kind of service. If the whole process still seems complicated to you, make sure to consult a professional content marketer and ask for help.