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Miami, Florida, United States – January 19, 2024

Magento is the most reliable platform for the eCommerce sector; However, while choosing the best provider, most retail owners have difficulty picking the right one. Numerous Magento platform development companies are available in the market, making leaders perplexed about choosing the best option. Fortunately, after in-depth research, “SelectedFirms” discovered Magneto IT Solutions, a global leading provider of Magento development services. One can put their concerns to rest owing to their expertise.

SelectedFirms is a proud and key market player who believes religiously in the authenticity of quality work and has a keen eye for talents who have been contributing to various industries. With regard to that, they have been observing the market trends and a number of Magento development companies contributing significantly to the path of innovation and creativity.

On that note, SelectedFirms’ team of eCommerce experts has conducted thorough research for the past year, 2023, power-packed with data results, tons of interviews, one-on-one calls, collaboration, and other critical observations. Their research is rigorously based on numbers, figures, and consolidated data SelectedFirms gathered throughout the year. Yet, they have analyzed based on various parameters, which was the primary checklist as follows

  1. Certifications and technical expertise packaged with years of experience
  2. Domain knowledge plus eCommerce industry expertise
  3. Reviews and feedback from credible resources.
  4. Past records and portfolio of work throughout the tenure.
  5. The authenticity of work and industries worked in past years.
  6. On-time delivery with respect to client demands.
  7. A variety of clients dealt with respective industries.
  8. Parameters and categories for budget based on projects.
  9. Communication and overall brand image plus goodwill in the market
  10. Company size plus the work environment they promote and believe in.

Based on these many parameters, SelectedFirms announces wholeheartedly that “Magneto IT Solutionsis one of the best and most qualified Magento website development company globally. They practically passed every set of criteria on their checklist. And proved to be a promising partner for several brands for the past 13 years. In the past year, 2023, they set several records and passed a number of challenges with grace and remarkable results and awards.

Magneto IT Solutions operates in several countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Ireland. They have a qualified Magento development team capable of creating advanced digital solutions for Magento stores. They have received worldwide acclaim for their great services, emphasizing the eCommerce market. Their primary offerings in this industry are stated below.

  • 300+ Magento Stores Delivered
  • 100+ Certified Magento developer
  • 200+ Magento Extensions Developed
  • 10M+ Product Management Experience
  • 4M+ Daily Order Management Experience
  • 18M+ Digital Asset Management Experience
  • 50+ Shipping Gateway Integrated
  • 30+ Payment Gateway Integrated
  • 35+ ERP and CRM, PIM, and DAM Integrated
  • 95%+ Client Retention Rate

With in-depth analysis, They have found that Magneto IT Solutions has developed over 250+ innovative, customer-focused Magento Stores worldwide in the last 13 years. They have offered key services to their end-users, like Magento support, Magento CRM integration, Magento Migration, and many more.

They are the best choice for eCommerce market leaders seeking assistance and guidance to take their business to the next level. Magneto is committed to converting your Magento store into digital commerce solutions by offering effective guidance to critical eCommerce challenges.

Connecting with a reliable and professional developer is the core concern for eCommerce leaders; Magneto IT Solutions is the best service provider in the market for transforming your business with Magento’s expertise.  Hire the best Magento developers and transform your business effortlessly. Choose the most trusted partner in the industry and let the magic happen.

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