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The Benefits of Taxidermy: Preserving Memories and Celebrating Nature

Science and art come together in the practise of taxidermy, which entails preserving an animal for exhibition using stuffing and mounting processes.

With new seasons coming up, many hunters and trappers are thinking about the possibility of taking down a trophy animal. Since many of the animals that sportsmen harvest are only seen once in a lifetime, many of them are mounted as a permanent reminder of the significance of their achievement.

Taxidermy is not only used to construct a lifelike replica of an animal taken as a trophy, but also has other applications in the fields of science and education. Here, we take a closer look at the benefits of taxidermy as a way to preserve memories and celebrate nature. 

Taxidermy preserves a once-in-a-lifetime experience

You wake up before dawn, wait in the cold for hours, and then you spy a good buck that is yours for the taking. As soon as you fire, it’s obvious that you hit the bull’s-eye. Your 10-point beauty’s body is only a few yards away now. You can’t let this opportunity pass to spruce up the mantel with your best trophy to date. But what is the procedure for achieving this?

Producing an accurate three-dimensional reproduction of an animal for the purposes of display and preservation is the essential art of taxidermy.  

This intricate process involves construction, woodworking, tanning, moulding, and casting. It’s a mix of science and art because the creatures’ internal organs and tissues need to be rendered realistically using artificial mediums. 

Fur, feathers, antlers, and scales can be kept by the taxidermist for use in the figures, but nothing else can. 

Polyurethane foam is used for the mannequin’s framework while glass eyes, clay eyelids, wax noses and wax lips are used to provide a more realistic appearance.

No matter if you’re more interested in hunting antelope, wildebeest, leopards, or giraffe, it’s likely that you will want to remember this moment for a lifetime. 

You most likely field-prepared your trophy so that your taxidermist could build a lifelike animal mount that you could display with pride.  Taxidermy allows you to preserve this memory for generations to come with all the skill and care that it took to bag your trophy in the first place. 

Taxidermy is a celebration of nature

Modern taxidermists don’t just copy the animal they’re trying to portray; they create surreal settings that are as stunning as they are artistic. 

If you’re familiar with taxidermy from natural history museums, you’ll notice that their works tell a more nuanced and personal story than the more realistic pieces.

Final Thoughts

Taxidermy has become an essential part of the wildlife experience for many trophy hunters today. A hunting excursion is a gritty, challenging and exciting experience that is often difficult to repeat. 

What’s more, the trophy which you attain while hunting is a thing of beauty that should be preserved for generations to come. This can be best done with a beautiful taxidermy wall mount that can be enjoyed and celebrated by all.