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Silverbird: Everything You Need To Know


Silverbird is an online digital bank that will take the hassle out of international trade. Our project aims to create a platform that makes international payments as easy as possible.

By integrating many payment options into one platform, we have provided a convenient and efficient way of conducting international transactions.

What sets us apart from the big banks is that we try in every way to get rid of the increased complexity and intricacy, thereby simplifying the processes. We can create digital business bank accounts for businesses in a record time of just two days. Also, with KYC software, we make it easier to work with small and medium-sized companies that aim to do business with large banks.

To compete in the market, we provide the highest level of liquidity daily by placing money in reliable banks. The security of this method is very high due to advanced security technology. Rating of the banks that ensure the safety of funds – 1 level of the UK and the EU. Given these facts, our clients are guaranteed to be protected from bankruptcy.

What’s inside your Silverbird account?

  • Direct IBANs (UK and EU)
  • 37 currencies that are easily convertible that allow you to open and close balances in only minutes
  • International payments are extremely quick, easy, and simple payments that aren’t capped without paperwork and with no obstacles to comply. We handle the complicated work, so you don’t need to.
  • Digitally and remotely, Silverbird users get complete access to every area. Silverbird does not in any way Silverbird require you to travel to our offices or to hold interviews.
  • 24/7 support – Our customer support team is committed to SMEs in international business.

We value our customers in every way. Our policies and procedures are developed to meet the demands of our clients. This means that if your requirements change, we’ll adapt along with you.

Your money and information are safe with us

Silverbird ensures the security of your data and money very seriously. We provide robust security options so that you can rest assured that the transactions you make across borders are secure.

Industry-leading encryption

Your financial information is protected by advanced encryption of up to 256 bits. The data is kept on the safe servers of third-party suppliers.

2-factor authentication

Create 2-factor authentication to ensure that all actions you perform on your account are carried out only by staff members who have been authorized to do so.

Access to team members

Set up permissions customized for every member of your team according to their role, ranging from read-only access up to full access for the administrator.

AI-powered fraud prevention

Our sophisticated fraud prevention system analyses real-time transactions to safeguard your funds.

Secure accounts

Your funds are kept in a secure, controlled account. They aren’t moved or invested in anyone or anyone else.

Authorized to do so by FCA and DNB

We have a long-standing connection with Currencycloud, an electronic money bank regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority authorized in the UK and De Nederlandsche Bank in the Netherlands.

Your Silverbird account is loaded with benefits

  • Pay and transfer high-value transactions to 100+ countries across the world. Convert more than 30 currencies using that account. It supports USD, EUR, GBP, and many more. The full list of currencies that are supported can be found here.
  • Gain access to new markets faster by locale EU, UK & US accounts. You can benefit from SEPA, SWIFT, FPS, and ACH help to make payments effortless across the world.
  • The process of opening a corporate account has not easier than with our online and secure onboarding procedure. You can sign-up up at the convenience of your own home. There isn’t a European address required or any travel.
  • Our support team is equipped with extensive experience in the international market and are able to assist you with any questions you might have. Contact us via Live Onboarding via email or phone, or get in touch with us. We’re here to assist you.

Responding to frequently asked questions

How can I begin using Silverbird?

A multi-currency business account can be set up entirely online, and by completing a fast and simple onboarding procedure – you do not need to visit an office or even mail your documents to paper at any time.

We’ll ask for your personal details to confirm your identity as well as an appreciation of the credibility of your business. It will take only a few minutes; one of our staff will contact you within a few days to complete the process and invite you to become part of the team.

What sets Silverware bird apart from other banks?

Silverbird’s team Silverbird is composed of highly experienced professionals with years of experience in international trade and finance. We aim to help your company overcome global commerce’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Contrary to many banking institutions and payment services, We prefer to dedicate our time and money to the areas we excel at. We don’t offer individual accounts or provide services to companies that aren’t involved with trans-border trade.

Is my money secure through Silverbird?

We follow all industry-standard guidelines and best practices to ensure your money is safe. You are secured through Level-1 UK and EU banks as an individual customer. We store liquidity in bank accounts that can protect you. Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is not applicable.

We use the most sophisticated technology and industry-standard TLS secure protocol, ensuring your data is protected. We also utilize two-factor authentication to ensure that each operation on our platform is completed by you or an authorized person who is part of your team.