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Safest Countries and Safest Cities in the World

When it comes to the safest countries in the world and safest cities in the world in 2022, some of the top contenders are going to be Finland, Denmark, Austria, Iceland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Portugal, and Canada. These countries and their cities have consistently ranked amongst the safest cities in the world for years now.

Safest country in the world

According to Global Peace Index, the safest countries in 2023 include the following:

1st Iceland

2nd New Zealand

3rd Ireland

4th Denmark

5th Austria

6th Portugal

7th Slovenia

8th The Czech Republic

9th Singapore

10th Japan

Finland is known for its low crime rate and high standards of living. The country has a strong economy with an unemployment rate of just 5%, and its citizens enjoy access to quality healthcare services. Public safety is also a priority there – police officers are highly trained professionals who consistently solve cases quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Finns tend to trust their government as well as one another which helps create a peaceful atmosphere where everyone can feel safe regardless of their background or nationality.

Denmark also ranks highly amongst the safest countries in the world for both citizens and tourists alike. Although it has faced some challenges when it comes to terrorism in recent years, Denmark still enjoys low levels of crime due to its excellent law enforcement system that works closely with local communities in order to ensure public safety. In addition to this, Denmark’s strong education system ensures that all citizens receive quality training which leads to lower rates of criminal activity overall.

Austria is known for having one of the lowest crime rates in Europe. The country also scores highly when it comes to economic stability and public safety-related measures such as access to healthcare services as well as adequate security forces that respond quickly when needed. Austria is home to the safest cities in the world along with some stunning natural beauty spots which further add to its reputation as a safe place where visitors can enjoy peace of mind while exploring its mountainous landscapes or skiing down its slopes during wintertime months.

Iceland is renowned for having extremely low levels of violent crime despite its large population size – something attributed largely due to its strong sense of national unity amongst citizens which helps prevent any sort of unrest or civil disobedience from taking place within its borders. Its capital city Reykjavik itself is considered one of the safest cities in Europe thanks in part to how small it is in comparison with other capitals around Europe, making it easier for authorities there to monitor what’s happening on a daily basis and take action when needed. It’s one of the safest countries for travel.

New Zealand has long been considered one of the safest countries in the world due largely thanks due its strict gun control laws which help keep firearms away from criminals and individuals who may wish harm upon others but don’t have easy access to those weapons otherwise. Furthermore, New Zealand’s resilient economy combined with firm government policies helps preserve the nation’s social stability, creating an environment where people can grow up safely without being exposed to too much danger or risk.

Switzerland boasts breathtaking scenery along with excellent economic growth, contributing greatly towards making it one of the safest countries in the world – this coupled with stringent firearm regulations helps keep unwanted violence at bay while allowing locals and tourists alike peace of mind while traveling through this beautiful country.

Portugal enjoys warm weather all year round while providing safety in terms of both personal safety (low crime rate), environmental protection (clean air ), infrastructure (well-maintained roads ), and health care access (ample hospitals ). It’s also become increasingly popular amongst travelers looking for a relaxed holiday destination that feels like home but still provides plenty of things to see and do during their stay. The country has some of the safest cities in Europe.

Finally, Canada has made great strides over the past few decades ensuring law enforcement remains updated on the latest technologies helping them combat any potential criminal activity before gets out of control. Its expansive wilderness reserves provide stunning backdrops for travelers any time of year whilst maintaining secure environments throughout urban centers making sure anyone visiting or residing here can go about their lives feeling safe and secure. The country has some of the safest cities in the world.

The safest city in the world

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit report, Copenhagen is the safest city.