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6 classic vegetarian dishes perfect for picnicking & al fresco eating

Pack your picnic hamper with a variety of meat-free options. There’s no better feeling than enjoying the outdoor ambiance on warmer days while savoring delicious food & drinks. Convivial gatherings with friends and family coupled with classic picnic food describe the perfect picnic scene. So, instead of dragging regular indoor-cooked foods outdoors, enliven your picnic experience further with the best delectable and picnic-perfect dishes.

A great picnic is all about two things – a pleasant setting i.e. clear skies and gentle breeze & good food i.e. flavourful, portable, and well-served. Unlike the past days, our idea of picnic and outdoor gatherings has evolved to be more sophisticated and creative. We no longer approve of buns and hotdogs as a fine outdoor meal.

Our expectations of an ideal picnic scene involve a sunny day, warm breeze, soft blanket atop picturesque grass, and easy-to-make ahead foods. The primary purpose of these picnics and outings is to pull together a moveable feast and memorable experience. To help you with this, here are the top vegetarian recipes that are portable and casual making them perfect for picnics:

  • Veggie Rainbow picnic pie

A unique fusion of part tortilla and part pie, this picnic pie is loaded with veggies, feta, and eggs that makes for an ideal snack item. The texturing and food colors used in the preparation acts as a visual treat and can be the wow factor at your picnic. Basic ingredients like waxy potatoes, cooked beetroot, bread crumbs, feta cheese, and frozen peas are required, mostly available in the kitchen already.

  • Vegetarian Wraps

Wraps are quite synonymous with classic picnic food that qualifies for being portable and best served cold or at room temperature. Again, the ingredients used in the preparation are very basic and easily available. Packed with roasted veg, spicy green sauce, and coconut tzatziki, these vegetarian wraps are ideal for feeding a hungry crowd. Also, these warps also make for perfect alternatives to Mexican-style fajitas.

  • Asparagus & Feta Quiche

This vegetarian quiche is best served hot and at room temperature for all dinner, lunch, and breakfast meals. What makes this quiche unique is the buttery and gluten-free crust that keeps the base soft and flavourful. Baked with feta and asparagus, you can make the most out of eggs with this vegetarian quiche. Cooking Tip: After preparation and plating, bake the dish for around 30-40 minutes until a wobble is noticed in the middle.

  • Cheese & Onion pasties

These cheese and onion pasties make for ideal summer picnics and are literally prepared from the basic ingredients available in almost every kitchen. It tastes incredible when eaten hot from the oven; however, these can be equally delectable cold or when reheated. Key ingredients required in making this include plain flour, spring &regular onions, cold butter, English mustard powder, etc. So, pack these little cheese and onion pasties for a quick bite on the picnic adventure.

  • Egg & Cress club sandwich

Quick and portable serving makes sandwiches the ideal classic picnic food. The egg & cress club sandwich is a classic British favourite that consists of bread slices filled with mayonnaise, mashed half-boiled eggs, and garden cress. Serve this dish on a family picnic with crips and tea. You can also make these regular sandwiches extra special by garnishing them using leftover cress. When served well, your companions will enjoy even the most basic food items as well.

  • Brazil nut burritos

Typically, a non-traditional burrito, Brazil nut burritos follows a simple preparation method using brazil nuts, spiced tomato rice, and refried beans. These wraps make for the perfect Mexican feast that requires you to cook the rice and refried beans before making the burritos. Adding brazil nuts to the burritos enhances the buttery flavour and can be easily prepared in just 10-15 minutes.

The best and easiest way to ensure a good and pleasant picnic experience is by carrying delicious and easy-to-serve foods in decent amounts. Carrying huge hampers and baskets filled with delectable tidbits is the very essence of any outdoor picnic. While deciding the menu for your next picnic, it is important to pick foods that are easy to prepare, portable, and best served cold or at room temperature.

Summing Up!

Planning picnics can be fun and exciting, similar to playing a hotel game where you are expected to oversee everything from planning, executing, and managing food. Picking inherently picnic-friendly items such as blankets, cutleries, as well as food can make the experience more pleasant and comfortable.

Also, you can find a number of books, blogs, and videos on picnics available on the Internet that will inspire you through varied whimsically adorned recipes, ways to tackle picnic-crisis situations, and food presentation tips. StarChef is one such gaming platform that not only gives a fun playing experience but also shares enough content on everything that surrounds the culinary world. You can check out their website for some of the most inviting recipes that are picnic-perfect!