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Real Holdings International Inc. Plans to Launch Investment Funds and Bring Next-Generation Solutions Across the African Continent

Real Holdings International Inc. seeks to invest in energy, telecommunications, healthcare, water generation, real estate, and health care sectors across Africa and other emerging economies!

Tennessee, Delaware, USA – The development of a nation is not possible without investing in its infrastructure and promoting human capital. The need for investment specifically increases when it comes to emerging economies such as those of the African continent. With so many natural resources and untapped human potential, investing in various sectors for long-term progress and developmental goals has become more necessary than ever. Real Holdings International Inc., a Delaware-based private equity firm, has committed to invest in energy, telecommunication, water generation, real estate, and health care sectors around the African continent to strengthen their economies and develop human capital.

These private equity funds are launched as an investment in various development projects that will directly create more jobs, improve countries’ infrastructure, promote employment, and progress in Africa, followed by other developing countries and emerging economies. One of the core areas of investment of the Private Equity firm is the Gen 4 nuclear technology that will offer better and affordable alternatives to nonrenewable gas, coal, and existing nuclear plants. The Gen 4 nuclear technology, due to the low capital expenditure and low Levelized cost of electricity, has the potential to bring revolution in the energy sector across the African continent, non- OECD countries, and emerging economies. Hence, the developing countries will meet the energy demands for their industries, fulfill development needs, and boost their GDP significantly. Another main area of investment of Real Holdings International Inc. is bioenergy and biofuels. The private equity fund seeks to build, own and operate biofuel and bioenergy companies.

Besides investment in the energy sector, RHI has allocated funds to expand its water portfolio. With an investment in water generation, the firm strives to reduce water scarcity in developing countries, provide access to clean drinking water to masses using high-tech customized solutions, and promote water production and water treatment. Real Holdings International Inc. takes pride in investing in the next-gen capital projects and technology to deliver competitive services. By leveraging synergies of each sector, the firm plans to develop and operate a bigger portfolio that will provide immense value to the developing economies, investors, and various stakeholders. The private equity firm is committed to raising & 5 billion investment in 10-15 years and transforming economies by building their infrastructure and capital and partnering with various institutions, governments, and the public sector as investors in their funds.

About the Company:

Real Holdings International Inc. is a Delaware-based private equity firm investing in health, water, real estate, telecommunication, and energy sectors across the African Continent owned by Joshua Davis. Established in 2016, the firm has created a name for exceptional services, proven strategies, and management excellence.

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