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Price Benowitz LLP Explores the Role of Traffic Violations in a Personal Injury Case

Washington, Washington DC, United States, January 13, 2024 – All states have a set of laws that dictate how road users conduct themselves on the road for their own and other road users’ safety. Adherence to traffic rules creates order in the roads and reduces accident prevalence. 

However, like not everyone is keen on following rules, which, in some unfortunate cases, results in accidents, injuries, and, in some cases, death.

In such situations, the traffic violation leading to the accident becomes a critical factor in establishing liability. This guide explores the role of traffic violations in personal injury cases and how they may affect the outcomes of your case.

Understanding the Types of Traffic Violations 

“A traffic violation is a breach of law committed by the driver of a vehicle on the road. It encompasses offenses like speeding, failing to obey traffic signs or reckless driving,” says DUI lawyer Dave Benowitz

Speeding involves drivers exceeding the posted speed limits, thereby increasing accident risks. Reckless driving means operating a vehicle in disregard of the safety of others. Ignoring traffic signals undermines the primary goal of these systems – ensuring orderly and safe road use. 

Violations on the road go beyond speed and signal adherence. Improper lane usage, distracted driving, and tailgating compromise safety and disrupt traffic flow.

The Role of Traffic Violations in Car Accident Claims

Car accident claims hinge on three elements: liability, negligence, and causation, each shaped profoundly by traffic violations. First, liability refers to the legal responsibility of the offending driver. For instance, drivers who ran a red light may be held liable, as they violated traffic rules. 

Negligence revolves around a lack of due care. A driver engrossed in texting and violating distracted driving laws epitomizes negligence since they fail to exercise the cautiousness a reasonable person would.

Lastly, traffic violations play a huge role in proving causation. Causation is the link between the traffic violation and the injury. If a tailgater rear-ends a car, causing injury, this violation becomes the cause of the ensuing damages. 

Gathering Evidence for Traffic Violations

Evidence is crucial in establishing traffic violations in car accident claims. You can start to gather proof by documenting the scene. Photographs of skid marks, vehicle damage, and the overall accident scene could reveal vital information about vehicle direction, speed, and lane usage. However, this evidence is only powerful in the hands of expert witnesses who can dissect this pictorial evidence, providing compelling insight into the violation. 

Witness accounts also make for crucial evidence. These firsthand accounts offer a fresh perspective on the accident, narrating what transpired. The best time to collect witness testimonies is as soon as possible to ensure you get the most accurate account. 

Finally, the police report, a critical piece of evidence, is fundamental in establishing traffic violations. Officers document the scene, paying close attention to potential traffic violations such as disregarded traffic signals or signs of reckless driving. You can obtain a copy of the police report to fortify your claim from the local police station or their website often two weeks after the incident. 

The Importance and Impact of Legal Representation 

Engaging an experienced attorney is crucial when navigating a personal injury case. They play a vital role in establishing the connection between a traffic violation and the resulting accident, enhancing your chances of proving liability. 

Compensation for damages in car accidents can include medical expenses, lost income, and property damage. Severe violations may result in punitive damages, so competent legal representation is key to achieving a favorable outcome.

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