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Multispares Limited adds KYB shock absorbers to its product line

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, April 27, 2023, Multispares Limited, an independent company providing mainstream distribution for aftermarket truck and bus parts has announced addition of KYB shock absorbers to its product line.

KYB is among the world’s most renowned brands for OEM and aftermarket parts for trucks. Because of this, most people looking for American, Japanese or European truck parts consider KYB the ultimate partner for world-class product quality.

If you’re a truck owner looking for KYB Shock Absorbers or struts, here is everything you need to know about KYB and their truck and trailer parts.

Understanding KYB

KYB was first founded in Japan as the Kayaba Research Centre. Initially, the firm specialised in aircraft catapults and hydraulic dampers. However, it quickly evolved and began focusing on automotive industry products.

Even with this dramatic shift, the company still maintains a solid presence in the hydraulic engineering field for various industries.

KYB has risen in popularity across the automotive industry. That’s especially true for shock absorbers, and since the early 2000s, the Australian and New Zealand markets have been flooded with KYB products.

However, one specific area KYB brand has dominated over the years is manufacturing OEM shock absorbers, with over a century of innovation and experience to back it up. KYB is the world’s top shock absorber supplier, among other truck and trailer parts for Japanese vehicles.

An Overview of KYB Shock Absorbers

Indeed, KYB manufactures much more than just shock absorbers. However, they’re often known as industry leaders for these products.

According to the brand, one in two Japanese vehicles depend on KYB shock absorbers. One in five light commercial vans is newly constructed with the brand’s shock absorbers.

Additionally, KYB’s dominance has spread into the light and medium-duty truck market. They now supply their products to Fuso, Hino, UD, and Isuzu truck companies. The Tena Force is KYB’s most popular shock absorber.

The KYB Tena Force

The Tena Force was KYB’s heavy-duty upgrade for a series of shocks meant for trucks with enhanced leaf springs to withstand heavier payloads. It has a 3mm bore and a higher oil capacity to reduce overheating and fade-out while operating. These shocks are essential to guarantee smoother rides with minimal vibrations.

Because of these qualities, the KYB Tena Sorce is ideal for Japanese-made trucks with higher payloads.

The KYB Premium

The KYB Premium shocks are another excellent alternative when working with heavy trucks. However much stress and work your truck is exposed to, the KYB Premium oil-based shocks will often be the ideal pick.

They boast exceptional performance. However, they are primarily designed to withstand wear and tear in the suspension system.

Therefore, even as your suspension system ages, the KYB Premium shocks will continue offering enhanced comfort and steering. If you need European truck parts or are sourcing aftermarket parts for trucks, KYB has great options.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the top manufacturers for your OEM or aftermarket parts for trucks is crucial if you own a truck. Luckily, KYB is your one-stop shop for shock absorbers.

You can use the KYB Tena Force or KYB Premium shock absorbers for enhanced performance and durability to enjoy maximum value for your money.

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