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Most Common Command for Dogs to Learn

Training your pet may be one of the most significant things you can do for your four-legged friend. You will not only supply it with life-saving skills, but you’ll also offer mental and physical stimulation needed for dogs’ further development.

If you are a first-time dog owner or if you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to practical dog training, you may leave your pet in the experienced hands of the trainers at dog training Spokane, a part of the renowned K9 Country Club.

But if you want to try and teach your dog several basic commands every dog should know to get a head start keep reading. Here you’ll find out how to teach your dog to react to some essential commands like sit, stay, down, and so on.


If you want to do everything right, start with the sit command, the basis of every effective dog training. With this simple command, you’ll prevent your pet from jumping on your guests and take control of your house.

You can apply different teaching tactics here. For example, you can catch your dog when sitting and treat him with a snack, approving verbally. After a while, you can say “Sit” when your dog is about to sit and then give him a treat. If you’re persistent in doing this, your dog should start responding to your command shortly.

The most effective way to teach your dog to sit is to apply several different steps, pushing your pet down with a leash. Once you make him sit and force him to stay in that position he hears a different command. You can use different cues for releasing your pet from sitting.


This is the next logical command you should teach your dog after sitting. You should use the down command when you want your dog to calm down and deactivate in some way.

You can use different methods to teach your dog this command. But the point is to get your pet to lie down and reward him as soon as he does that.


Teaching your dog to come to you on command will save you so much time and potentially save your pet from some dangerous situations. Since this command is so important, use more valuable rewards than on other occasions. First, try to teach your pet to come to you indoors. Get somebody to hold your dog and distance yourself from him. Then, say the command and act excited so that your dog is eager to come to you. If your dog comes running to you once released, reward him generously. It shouldn’t take long before your pet learns the come command.

Teaching your pet to come to you when outdoors may be more challenging because there are numerous distractions that can shatter your pet’s focus so that he doesn’t react in a wanted way. So using a longer leash when practicing this command outdoors can be of great help.