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Meet Stas Kravchuk And Christel Barbie Founders Of Wraptors Inc.

Stas Kravchuk and his wife “Christel Barbie” are a Canadian multi-entrepreneur team making headlines for their perseverance. In just 5 years they were able to build the biggest car wrap boutique in Canada and now have 4 locations in United States starting off in Miami called “Wraptors Miami”

Their company Wraptors has been operating from 9 different locations in Canada and he wants to show the hard work that has went behind the scenes. We talked to Stas Kravchuk aka Mr. Wraptors to know more about his journey and what he revealed to us is an inspiring story that everyone should know about.

Growing up in a low-income household, Stas Kravchuk aka Mr. Wraptors was raised by his single mother and he learned about the importance of money and how to manage it the hard way. Always wanting to do something different Stas Kravchuk aka Mr. Wraptors also allocated another location in Orlando Florida and New York City making his way around the globe in a 2 months period.

Initially, things were tough but as soon as he began to understand the market, he reached the next level. He came up with a business model that was more feasible and would help him expand his territory. Fast forward 5 years down the line, Wraptors Inc has been operating from 9 different locations in Canada which means that Stas Kravchuk opened 2 Wraptors Boutiques in one year on an average

Wraptors is popular among celebrity artists, businessmen, and car lovers for their services ranging from paint protection, vinyl wraps, ceramic coating to giving your car a luxurious makeover. As of now they are operating in 9 different locations across Canada including Toronto, and Vancouver. They are also looking to expand even further on the west coast.

Apart from their car wrapping boutique business, Wraptors Inc makes their presence felt at different car shows, meets and various events organized for car enthusiasts. Stas Kravchuk told us that it is very important for a business to work on its branding and operations at the same time. He has a strong crew and a strong wife Christel Barbie who is helping him build the empire and who is a business woman and a mom with 3 kids as well. Mr. Wraptors said behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.

Mr. Kravchuk known as Mr. Wraptors said “You can provide great service but if people do not know about you, they are not going to come to your door for your service. He went on to explain that if you are passionate enough about your work, you will do everything to make sure that your business is reaching new heights. To put it in perspective,  he said “I would say to work hard on your dreams and make your presence felt in the public.”

It is also important to note that he is a father of three kids and loves his family as much as he loves his business. Stas Kravchuk is in his early thirties and has already established himself as a successful businessman. He owns a Lamborghini, G Wagon, and a Rolls Royce and loves riding his toys.

Stas Kravchuk said that he has some great plans for Wraptors. He shared that he will be implementing those in the near future and is planning to open his Boutique in newer locations and start providing more new services. Be part of his journey and follow him on Instagram here @mr.wraptors.