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Meet Foxx (Michael J Foxx) A versatile independent recording artist

Foxx (Michael J Foxx) A versatile independent recording artist, audio engineer and videographer. I live in Moncton, NB Canada and I’m constantly in the studio working on new material writing, recording and mixing vocals, or shooting and editing music videos. 

In the past 24 months and counting, I’ve released numerous bodies of work including 5 mixtapes, multiple singles, 1 Collaboration Album “Duality” with Sydney Sexton, and 2 solo albums “When The Street Lights Come On” (Oct 2020) and “Due Diligence” (March 1st) – 1 of a 2 part Album series. Part 2 releases on April 1st. Currently finished up the new project “Perfect Timing” released date May 5th 2021 and releasing my new Album “Year of the Foxx” 8/16/2021 and F.O.X.X. (8/16/2022) and Recently Released “Radio City”

I’m not saying this because it’s my album but if it was someone else’s project I would totally feel the same way about it. Not only that I speak the truth but I’m also dropping jewels, being open about my life, inspiring the inspired, there’s conviction, there’s chemistry with other artists and it’s me. Still F.O.X.X (Future Of Xtraordinary Xperience)

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