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IT recruitment: how to find an IT specialist in 2022, the need for an IT recruitment agency.

Finding and hiring a qualified IT specialist is a difficult task. The market is experiencing a large shortage of personnel and is experiencing the relocation of experienced professionals to foreign markets.

How to find a candidate in conditions of shortage who will cope with the IT tasks of the company, conduct an interview correctly and determine the salary level. You can also save your own time and get great results with MagicHire recruitment agency. Having picked a good company, you will definitely be satisfied with your employee.

IT recruitment

Decide on the format of cooperation

Before looking for candidates, understand what tasks he will close. This will allow you to determine which format of working with a specialist will suit your company.

Outsourcing can be considered when IT tasks are not the main business processes in the company.

Different IT specialties – different tasks

An IT specialist in different companies can hold the same position, but play a completely different role. The work of a project manager in one company can be radically different from the work in another and depends on the industry and business processes of the company.

In this sense, the contrast between the accounting department and the IT department is indicative. The programs in which accountants work generally change little. This is painstaking work, but the system is usually the same in different companies.

For IT specialists, everything is different – when moving to another company, a specialist may encounter an interface and product that is unusual for him.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention not only to the professionalism of the candidate, but also to his general features. For example, to understand how quickly he can immerse himself in the company’s business processes, its tasks, work features; understands the result that is expected of him.

Why Hiring IT Professionals Is Long and Expensive

Hiring a specialist for a company is always a risk. The narrower the requirements, the less chance of finding a candidate. This means that the search will cost more.

There are HR companies in the market that take into consideration several salaries in order to find the optimal one and reduce risks.

The developers themselves are also not interested in getting a new job in one day. They consider offers, choose the most profitable.


IT specialist is one of the highest paid professions. He has the opportunity to take his time looking for a job.

This level of income of IT-specialists is fully justified.

Many projects are still working and profitable only because they are sufficiently automated. Reducing costs by reducing the amount of manual labor allows not only to reallocate funds for IT solutions, but also to reduce the number of financial and reputational risks, minimize errors, employee burnout.

The business becomes profitable, among other things, due to a large team of programmers who regularly work on a digital product.