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Is Jake Paul a threat to the current cruiserweight division?

Does Jake Paul threaten the current cruiserweight division?

As many know, Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber-turned-boxer, but as he continues to rise to fame in the boxing scene, is he a threat to the cruiserweight division? Despite his boisterous attitude and ability to draw the attention of even the most unwilling onlookers, does he really have the skill to put cruiserweights on notice?

Jake Paul’s career so far

Paul’s boxing career began back in 2018 when he beat another YouTuber, Deji Olatunji, in an amateur contest via technical knockout in the fifth round. Upon turning professional in 2020, he has won 5 fights straight, with 4 knockouts. His past opponents include AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley.

His last three scheduled bouts (two with Tommy Fury and one with Hasim Rahman Jr.) fell through due to his opponents pulling out and unable to meet contractual agreements. Fury has pulled due to illness and inability to enter the United States, and Rahman Jr. could not make the contracted weight for their fight.

Earning a ranking solidifies his placement as a potential contender

As boxers continue to pull out of Jake Paul fights, it begs the question of if Paul is a real threat to the division. While many do not consider him a ‘real’ boxer, it was thought this bout against Hasim Rahman Jr. was going to be a test to see how well he fared against someone only known for their boxing skills. Should he have beaten Rahman Jr., the WBC president, Mauricio Sulaiman, was going to give Paul a ranking.

A ranking would’ve sat him somewhere within the top 40 of the organization’s cruiserweight division. If he was able to break the top 15, it would be possible to begin navigating his way toward a world title shot. Even if at the moment Paul only seems like he is playing the role of a boxer, any additional competition to the already deep pool of opponents itching to get a title shot is definitely a threat to the current cruiserweight lineup. In short, should Jake Paul earn a ranking in the WBC lineup, he is a threat.

Mairis Briedis, the former IBF cruiserweight champion, has previously called out Jake Paul for a match. This would offer Paul the opportunity to show the true grit he has as a boxer and put the cruiserweight lineup on notice should he win, or show the holes in his game and expose him as a fraud.