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International Defense K9’s Tales of Bravery & Protection

In the modern world, safety is a paramount concern. Every family desires a fortress that secures their loved ones from possible harm. International Defense K9 (IDK9) comprehends this profound need and has devoted its operations to fulfilling this essential security demand. The company is headed by Kristi Kummer and Otto Sturm, who have channeled their years of experience and passion for dogs into creating a business that provides luxury personal protection dogs.

The duo has cultivated a team and a system that transforms the top 1% of dogs globally into unparalleled defenders and loyal family companions. With their elite, extensively trained dogs, they’re transforming families’ safety narratives, providing not just security but also companionship.

Creating a Security Frontier

IDK9 has nurtured a security revolution, channeling the unique abilities of dogs into reliable home and business protection. According to a University of North Carolina at Charlotte study, 50% of convicted burglars admit that loud barking dogs deter them. Furthermore, the US Department of Justice reports that homes with dogs are less likely to be burglarized, reaffirming that dogs are a substantial deterrent.

These statistics capture the essence of IDK9’s mission: to use their world-class dogs to keep people safe. Each dog is selected from the top 1% of elite dogs worldwide, trained in real-world environments to ensure they can confidently distinguish threats. This rigorous selection and training procedure ensures that each IDK9 dog is not just a pet but a trusted guardian.

More than Just Protectors

While these dogs’ primary role is protection, IDK9 understands that they must also be safe and friendly family companions. To achieve this balance, the dogs are trained and socialized extensively to be comfortable around people and other animals, creating a bond that goes beyond protection. As a result, they are not just protectors; they are beloved members of the family.

Dramatic Transformations: From Victim to Victorious

IDK9’s dogs have numerous testimonials of bravery and protection to their names. Each story is a testament to the company’s relentless dedication to safeguarding lives and properties. From heartrending stories of families who experienced loss, to triumphant tales of dog-assisted victories, the transformations are dramatic.

One poignant case is that of Amanda Blackburn. In 2015, Amanda, a pregnant pastor’s wife, tragically lost her life during a home invasion. This painful incident haunts the IDK9 team, motivating them to provide families with personal protection dogs. They firmly believe that having one of their trained dogs could alter such unfortunate outcomes.

On a victorious note, consider the story of Gizmo and Rex, two German Shepherds from IDK9 who protected a jewelry store owner’s family in St. Louis. When two armed robbers attacked one of their stores, Gizmo immediately took action, biting one robber and making them flee. Despite being shot, Gizmo continued protecting his family, effectively thwarting the robbery.

Bespoke Canine Security Solutions

IDK9 offers a wide variety of breeds, allowing clients to choose the dog that best suits their lifestyle and preferences. From German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois to more exotic breeds like Presa Canario and Dogo Argentino, the company provides a range of options. Each dog undergoes rigorous training depending on its intended role, ensuring that all dogs, regardless of breed, meet IDK9’s high standards.

The company’s three tiers of training packages allow customization according to each client’s needs. Whether it’s bomb detection capabilities, house search and clearing, or simple protection, every client can find a suitable package. And with around-the-clock tech support and refresher training, IDK9 ensures that its dogs remain at their peak performance.

The Difference Makers

International Defense K9’s unique approach to canine security solutions has dramatically changed countless lives. Their elite dogs, chosen from the world’s top 1% and rigorously trained, are making a difference every day. They’re not just deterrents to criminals; they’re brave defenders who can take control during violent encounters.

While every family wishes for peace and safety, sometimes the unthinkable happens. In those moments, an IDK9 dog can make all the difference. And even when not actively protecting their homes, these dogs provide loving companionship, making them invaluable members of the family. Through their relentless dedication to protection and companionship, International Defense K9’s dogs are indeed making a significant difference.

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