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How to Wear Wigs: A Simple Guide for Wig Beginners

Table of Content


  1. Wearing Headband Wigs
  2. Wearing Human Hair Bob Wigs
  3. Wearing Throw and Go Wigs


You have bought your headband wigs, human hair bob wigs or throw on and go wigs and, as a beginner, have some questions on your mind about how to wear these wigs. Here is a simple guide showing the main steps for wearing these wigs and giving some tips where necessary.

To start with, I advise you to buy your headband wigs, human hair bob wigs and throw on go wigs from a reputable wig supplier, which guarantees quality and economy at the same time. My top recommendation for such a wig supplier is Luvme Hair. You can purchase from Luvme the best quality wigs at reasonable prices with a wide variety and great sales and aftersales costumer services.

Now, let us assume that you buy from Luvme Hair your headband wigs, human hair bob wigs or throw on and go wigs. It is time for you to wear and install your wig.

1. Wearing Headband Wigs

Different Textures, Styles and Colors You Can Choose

You open the wig box and take your headband wig out. You usually have a wig cap and different headbands together with your wig. Here are some different headband wigs you can buy.

  • Curly Headband Wigs
  • Deep Wave Headband Wigs
  • Body Wave Headband Wigs
  • Wet and Wave Headband Wigs
  • Bob Headband Wigs
  • Jerry Curl Headband Wigs
  • Long Length Headband Wigs
  • Spriral Curly Headband Wigs

Here are also some colors you can choose

  • Honey Brown
  • Balayage Sparkling Amber Color
  • Sugar Plum
  • Ombre Brown
  • Natural

Whichever texture, style or color you choose, it is sure that you will look bob with headband wigs

What is on Your Wig?

The wig has a stretchy band that secures your wig. It has also an adjustable strap, combs and a part you place the headbands.

It is Time to Wear Your Wig

To wear the wig, first put on your wig cap. You can leave out some baby hair. Adjust the wig according to your head size. Wear the wig and secure it using the headband part. All these are completed in utmost one minute. You can part and style your wig. You can try different hairstyles like ponytails or buns. You can place the headbands on the part intended for headbands. In that way, you can have different looks using different headbands on each occasion. Eventually, wearing headband wigs is both simple and gives you a gorgeous look.

2. Wearing Human Hair Bob Wigs

Why Should You Choose Human Hair for Bob Wigs?

  • Human hair is as natural as your natural hair
  • Human hair is definitely durable
  • You can have many styles with human hair. You can have your wig bleached, dyed or permed and have much more styles.
  • Human hair is just like your hair. You can feel its texture, softness and shine.

That is why you should buy and wear human hair bob wigs.

Here are some human hair bob wig types you can choose,

  • Human Hair Lace Front Bob Wigs
  • Human Hair Closure Bob Wigs
  • Human Hair Headband Bob Wigs
  • Human Hair Middle Part Lace Bob Wigs

You can have much more human hair bob wigs combinations with different types, styles, textures and colors. Now, lets us have a look at how to wear your human hair bob wig.

The first step for wearing your wig is to prepare the foundation. You can use your natural hair as a foundation or wear a wig cap.  To protect your natural hair when you use it as a foundation, you can use argan oil.

You can leave out the edges of your baby hair. They would really go nice with your bob hair. On the wig, you will find two clips and a tightening mechanism. Adjust the tightening mechanism according to the size of your head.

Now, put on your wig and clip it to the two sides of your head using the clips on the wig. Then, make adjustments on the wig to show the edges and some of your baby hair. Finally, secure your wig by sticking two pins at the back of your head. Following this, you can style and part your human hair bob wig in any way you want.

That is it. You can enjoy your human hair bob wig now.

3. Wearing Throw On and Go Wigs

Throw on and go wigs are special wigs exclusively developed by Luvme Hair. You can easily wear these wigs in seconds without glue and help of a hairstylist. These wigs are puffy short curly wigs and natural, versatile and affordable.

When you open the box that you receive from Luvme Hair, you always see that the wig is in a good state stored in a bag. And, you always have rich accessories. Luvme Hair sends you, together with the wig, an edge brush, earrings, wig caps, similar things, and a special gift for you.

To start with, put on your wig cap. The throw on and go wig has two combs on the sides, one comb in the back, a strap and a mechanism for adjusting the wig. Then, all you have to do is to throw on the wig. You do not have to use glue, attach clips or adjust the lace. Is it surprising, isn’t it? Throw on the wig, simply style the wig with your bare hands, and your wig is ready! You can go anywhere with your wig. Definitely, you will look bomb. Especially, curly throw on and go wigs of Luvme Hair Collection promise you a cute and gorgeous look.

You see that it is super easy and delightful to wear headband wigs, human hair wigs and throw on and go wigs. Now, it is time to order these wigs.