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How to Make Table Tent Cards More Visually Appealing

Finding your table at an event can be a nightmare at times.

If you’re attending an event with dozens of tables, it can be easy to forget where you were placed on the seating chart. However, table tent cards can help make the entire process simple. This is because these elegant cards can display the table number along with everyone placed at that table.

While this makes finding your seat easy, there are various other applications for table tend cards. This includes highlighting promotions in restaurants and bringing attention to the order of events for corporate functions. Since they are so versatile, it’s important to design your table tent cards to stand out.

Interested in creating unique table tent cards for your next event? Read this guide on everything you need to know about designing epic table tent cards.

Table Tent Cards

Table tent cards are small promotional or informational cards that are placed on tables. These cards are triangular in design, allowing them to stand up by themselves. Having these cards on the table allows information to be displayed on all three sides for the entire table to see.

Table tent cards are versatile in their usage. This is because they can display information in a variety of different settings for various purposes.

These kinds of cards are often seen on tables in restaurants and cafes. This is a great way for the restaurant to highlight promotions and specials that they may be running. Instead of reprinting an entire menu, you can simply add a table tent card to each table.

The design of the card itself is fairly standard. However, you can increase or decrease the size of the card to your liking. Additionally, you can customize the design of the entire card to fit your purpose and aesthetic.

If you want to create table tent cards for a wedding, you’re able to print them in the exact color scheme of the event. This makes them an elegant way to display important information for guests.

Anything can be printed on these cards, making them perfect for table numbers, table allocations, promotional information, and even branding.

What Can You Use Table Tent Cards For?

As mentioned above, table tent cards are incredibly versatile. These cards can display information in a variety of settings for a wide range of purposes. To help you understand the various use cases, here’s a quick look at the most popular ways to use table tent cards.

1. Promoting Products

Table tent cards are a great way to promote products and specials. These cards can be used to highlight new products in restaurants instead of having to reprint entire menus. This saves money but also highlights new dishes in a more attractive way.

2. Event Schedules

When you attend an event, everyone wants to know when the event is going to start. Additionally, it’s helpful to have a guide to list the order of events so that everyone is on the same page. A table tent card is the best way to share this information with your guests.

The table tent cards can highlight the event schedule on all three sides. They can also be customized to serve multiple purposes at the same time. One side can be the event schedule while the other is the table number.

3. Table Tent Name Cards

Finding your seat is incredibly frustrating, especially at large events. Table tent cards make the process easier by listing out the table number and the names of guests that are designated to sit there.

4. Menu Items

If you’re looking for an elegant way to display the menu items at an event, consider a table tent card. These cards are ideal for displaying menu items as they have more than enough space on them.

The best part is that they are versatile and can be used to display other useful information. In addition to the menu items, you can also highlight the table number and seat arrangements on the other side. This simplifies your table decor and packs multiple purposes into one card.

5. Essential Information

When it comes to events, there’s important information that you want to share with your guests. This can include contact details, emergency phone numbers, social media profiles, and even simple information like where the bathroom is. Table talkers can be customized to display that information.

Custom table tent cards are ideal for this information as they can elegantly stand on your table. They are still light and portable so you can pass them around easily. Since they’re customizable, you can add graphics, text, and images to make them unique.

Thinking about making custom table tent cards for your event? You can find custom table talkers here.

Benefits of Table Tent Cards

Table tent cards offer a wide range of benefits. These benefits include increased visibility and even offer branding opportunities for corporate events. Here’s a rundown of the benefits that come with table tent cards.

Increased Visibility

Table tent cards are elegant and subtle when it comes to table decor. However, they stand out enough to grab the attention of guests. This makes it ideal for customers or attendees to quickly notice important information.

Cost-Effective Promotion

If you run a restaurant and want to highlight new menu items or promotions, reprinting your entire menu is expensive. Instead, you can print table tent cards to place on the table. This brings more attention to the promotions in a more cost-effective way.

Versatile Applications

As mentioned earlier, table tent cards are a versatile option to add to your table. Whether you’re running a restaurant or hosting a corporate event, these cards are perfect. The versatility of these cards makes them the perfect way to share important information with guests.

Modern options can also include QR codes that guests can scan. This can direct guests to social media profiles, websites, or even payment portals. In this way, the table tent card enhances the entire experience of the event.

Branding Opportunity

Table tent cards offer a unique branding opportunity at corporate events. These cards can be sponsored by companies and brands that want their logo on the card. This opens up another branding opportunity for your event.

Custom Design

One of the best parts about table tent cards is that you can customize them to your exact liking. These cards can end up matching to your decor and color scheme. In this way, they can blend in perfectly as part of the table decor.

How To Design Table Tent Cards

When it comes to table tent cards, it’s important to design them for the exact purpose you’re looking for. This will ensure that your cards fit seamlessly with the table for your event. Here’s how to design ideal table tent cards.

Step 1: Determine Its Purpose

The first thing that you should do when creating a table tent card is to decide on its purpose. Since there are many ways that you can use table tent cards, it’s important to decide on your purpose early. This will help guide you through the design process.

Step 2: Table Tent Card Template

When you have finalized a purpose for your table tent card, you can look for tent card templates to work from. These templates are available online and come with various styles and purposes. In this way, you can create a stunning table tent card in a fraction of the time.

Step 3: Create Your Design

The template is a great starting point to build from. Once you have chosen a template, you can start adding custom elements to design it for your event and purpose. You can let your creative juices run wild to create something unique for your event.

Step 4: Review and Revise

It’s important to sit back and review your work when you’re done. This part of the process is often overlooked but is incredibly important. Inspect every element closely to perfect it before you send them off for printing.

Step 5: Professionally Print

While you can print these cards out in a normal printer, it’s always a good idea to have them professionally printed. Professional printing companies specialize in this kind of work and will ensure that everything is printed perfectly. Additionally, they’ll print it on durable cardboard so that the cards are sturdy and durable.

How To Improve Your Table Tent Card Design

If you want to take your table tent cards to the next level, there are a few things that you can do. This will help enhance your cards so that they attract more attention in the most elegant way possible. Here are a few of the best ways to make your table tent cards stand out.

Use High-Quality Images

Nothing is more frustrating than poor-quality images on printed surfaces. This can tarnish your entire brand and dampen the entire experience. Embracing high-quality images and graphics is always the way to go.

High-quality images and graphics will help align your brand in a more classy way. This is ideal whether you want to create menus or use the card for table numbers at your event. High-quality printing is essential if you want to maintain a premium brand.

Play With Typography

You can use modern typography to build a hierarchy and garner visual interest. When you write anything on your card, it doesn’t have to be static and boring. Embracing typography allows you to create something more visually stimulating for your guests.

This is important if you want to promote products or specials. In this way, you can use typography to draw attention to specific information on the card.

Add Unique Colors

Colors are a great way to grab attention. While you may want to keep the colors of the card in line with the table decor, you want to make it stand out just the right amount. This brings it to the front of people’s attention and makes the card more effective.

You can do this by adding unique colors to the card. If your table is all black and beige, consider a complementary color to splash on your card. This won’t look out of place on the table but still grabs your attention perfectly.

Keep Things Simple

When it comes to making table tent cards, it’s always a good idea to keep things simple and elegant. While unique components are great at getting attention, they can drift too far from the general theme of the table.

This can end up having a negative effect on the table decor. While the card will still stand out, it won’t be for the right reasons.

Brand Everything

Unique branding is a great way to make your table tent card stand out. If you’re hosting a corporate event, add your brand’s logo to the card. The same rule can apply to other events like a wedding.

If you’re hosting a wedding, consider designing a custom logo for the bride and groom. You can then use this logo to make your card more elegant and classy on every table.

Custom Table Tent Cards

Table tent cards are the perfect way to elegantly display important information. These cards are versatile and can help with a variety of events and functions. You can use them for highlighting menu items, designating table numbers, or even bringing attention to the order of events for the evening.

Custom table tent cards are a great way to add to your table in a subtle yet classy way. Since you can customize them, you can design table tent cards to blend in perfectly with the table decor. This can help create a seamless design for your entire table.