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How to Choose Where to Eat

We all have been in a situation when it is time to eat, but we feel miserable deciding ‘where to eat?’ It is timeless, exhausting, and frustrating for sure.

Consider yourself hanging around with your family or friends, and your stomach starts dying out of hunger while your brain is like, ‘where should I eat.’

During such a situation, what do you mind doing?

  • Skip eating?
  • Hand over the decision right to your friend or family?
  • Returning to the same restaurant each time?
  • Randomly pick one?

Well, there might be dozens of reasons for you ending up in a delusional situation, but one thing is that you have always wished for; if someone or something could help you make the right decision, and voila! Your wish just came true as we are here for the rescue.

So, worry not, as we have some exciting tips for you to make the process go more smoothly.

Is Deciding ‘Where To Eat’ A Real Struggle?

The question that continues to appear on the big screen is why you can’t decide “where to eat.” Well, the struggle is real for sure. You desire countless things, but you have no clue what or where you want to eat at the current moment.

According to a survey by Edenred, the selection criteria for employees in France between 2013 and 2015 is none other than just a basic decision. The survey results showed that 90% of the people chose a nearby restaurant for their lunch; a quite easy and simple way to get rid of aggravation, right?

However, before we dig deep into the discussion, here is a quick tip for you. Nowadays, it has become quite easy to pay at restaurants using cryptocurrency. All you will be required to do is purchase restaurant gift cards and redeem them at the restaurants. It’s that simple.

Moving forward, let’s look at some ways that can help you choose the perfect place to eat.

Narrow Down Your Options

It sounds a bit weird but let’s try to bring some logic to the equation. There are a couple of ways that you can narrow down your list. It’s the most challenging part for you to overcome. Firstly, you must check out the food you have had recently.

Since you have had them recently, you know how they taste. Therefore, you will avoid the previous meal and try something new, which can help you save yourself as you start shrinking up your list. Here are a few ways that you can implement to narrow down your list of options a bit further:

1.  Consider Everyone’s Food Goal

Are you on a diet? Is the other person with you vegetarian? Does the person with you agree with what you decide? Well, Considering everyone’s opinions and goals can lead to eliminating many options.


2.  Where Do You Want To Go

If transportation or time duration is a problem and there are options available just a few steps away, then considering these places would help narrow down the options a bit further, as options available a few miles away would be no longer available to consider.

Appoint One in Power

Instead of opposing each other, try appointing one among yourselves to be the one deciding the place. Sometimes the reason behind the struggle only turns out to be a leadership fault. However, to overcome this, here are a few ways to determine a leader among yourselves:

1.  Take Turns

For this to work, you must be familiar with each other’s favorite restaurants. However, if you don’t, now is the best time to enlighten yourself. Now, to begin with, the first leader among yourselves chooses a restaurant from the list of restaurants the other person likes.

Next meal or the next day, the other person becomes the leader and has the power to elect.

2.  The Coin Flip

Well, the simplest way to decide is to start flipping a coin, so sit back and let the fates decide. Flipping a coin is also a pretty good option for you to decide on a restaurant for yourself. Eventually, at some point, you both would find something to agree upon.

Let Fate Decide: Give The Authority to The Picker Wheel

Fill in all your options into the Picker Wheel. Let it spin and do the job for you.

To improvise it further, you can select the elimination mode for the chosen option so that when you spin the wheel the next day, the option previously chosen is no longer available. Hence, you won’t be getting the same food again.

This method would ensure that you would try out something new daily. Moreover, you can add up or reset the options whenever you want.


We hope that with these simple suggestions and tricks, you can quickly manage to untie yourself from this dilemma. Moreover, you can try repeating the above-mentioned methods whenever you feel you are drowning in the same situation.