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Oxford Business College: An Unprecedented Evolution in University Education

A New Era in Education: The Oxford Business College Journey

At the forefront of revolutionising university education in the UK is Oxford Business College. Initially a modest, for-profit school, the college has remarkably evolved, becoming an indispensable educational cornerstone for immigrant communities.

Pioneering Strategic Partnerships

One of the most significant achievements of Oxford Business College is its pioneering partnerships with reputable publicly-funded universities. Known as franchising arrangements, these innovative alliances include prestigious universities such as the University of West London and Buckinghamshire New University.

The unique model introduces a flexible two-day-a-week schedule, catering to the needs of working students and those following non-traditional routes to higher education. This innovative approach opens up opportunities for individuals from various walks of life, promoting inclusion and diversity.

Breaking Language Barriers

Recognising the challenges faced by immigrants and non-native English speakers, Oxford Business College offers free language classes. This initiative empowers students, improving their English proficiency and increasing their chances of successfully navigating the higher education landscape in the UK.

A Testament to Quality: Accolades and Student Satisfaction

Oxford Business College’s relentless pursuit of quality education has garnered recognition and admiration from various quarters. The college has been the proud recipient of multiple WhatUni awards over the years, reflecting its commitment to educational excellence.

In addition to these accolades, student satisfaction ratings have consistently been high, as confirmed by national student surveys. The college’s success in providing a supportive, enriching learning environment and a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with practical skills is widely recognised.

Ensuring Success: Comprehensive Support Systems

Oxford Business College believes in providing a nurturing environment for students. It has in place dedicated counselling services and accelerator programmes aimed at enhancing student success and promoting personal and professional growth.

These initiatives provide the students with a supportive platform, equipping them with the necessary resources and skills to succeed in their future endeavours.