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How can you choose the best coffee grinder for your home?

Owning a coffee grinder comes with a number of benefits. Notable of these benefits are the freshness of flavor, strong aroma, and real taste of coffee. Many coffee lovers don’t rely on readily mixed coffees, they prefer to savor the richness that comes with blending their coffee beans.

It could be a bit of a challenge to decide on the best coffee grinder Australia to buy. This article will take away that challenge. We carefully selected 5 important factors that you should consider in choosing the best automatic coffee grinders.

In choosing the best coffee grinder, quality, capacity and cost are significant factors. Below is a detailed list of things to consider when choosing a coffee grinder for your home.

5 Factors to Help you Choose the Best Coffee Grinder for Your Home

The Grinder Type

There are two main classifications of coffee grinders, a blade grinder, and a burr grinder. Blade Grinders are great for creating chopped coffee beans with inconsistent grind sizes. This is not usually preferred if you want a professional brew. Blade grinders are fine for amateur coffee brewing. Looking for the best coffee grinder for espresso, then you need something with fine grind.

Burr Grinders are perfect for uniform blending. It will bring out the best flavor from your coffee, the sizes of all particles come out the same, and it leaves little to no particles. There are two variants of Burr grinders, and though they work slightly differently the quality of the result is about the same.

Conical grinders are the type of burr grinder that is super affordable and less noisy but the particle size could be unequal. Flat plate grinders are the second type of burr grinders that are costlier but are better at producing consistency in particle size.

Grinding Speed or Power

The grinder type generally determines the fineness of the grind. Asides from that, the power of the grinder is a key factor in deciding which to buy. Grinder power or speed must be balanced. The fastest grinder is not automatically the best, hasty grinding can reduce the coffee flavor.

When it comes to power, look out for high wattage. The higher the wattage, the better the fineness of the ground. The movement of the grinding parts is considered under the speed. For blade grinders, the faster the blade, the better the grinding.


Virtually all electrically powered coffee grinders make some degree of noise. The only grinder types that do not make noise at all are the manual ones. This is due to the absence of electrical motors. Loud grinders can be an issue especially if you love to have your coffee ritual quite early in the morning when others may be sleeping.

Burr grinders tend to be less noisy because of their grinding mechanism. Blade grinders make more noise because of the rotational motors and the blade. Also, the conical burr grinders are quieter than the flat burr grinders.


Surely, the price is a top parameter in deciding what the best automatic coffee grinder will be for your home. On average, blade grinders are less in price compared to the burr types. That difference is likely based on the efficiency of their grinding. The most expensive grinder is the flat burr type due to its consistency in producing fine ground coffee.


Cleaning of the grinder is key to maintaining it and keeping it working well. The design can make the cleaning easy or complicated. It is best to choose a grinder that can be easily disassembled for cleaning. It should also be quite easy to put the parts back together for your next coffee bean grinding. Routine cleaning is a necessary process and some even come with cleaning supplies.

Other maintenance activities must also be considered. How easy is it to access the moving parts in the case of a blade grinder? Check the electric cord, is it detachable or there is a hood to keep it in. These little details can affect the lifespan of the grinder.


Picking the best automatic coffee grinder for your home requires paying attention to some factors. The price is obviously a key determinant in the purchase decision but it is not just about the price. Coffee grinders should be selected based on the desired outcome from their usage. If you want a basic grinder for the fun of it, then a blade grinder that is very cheap will be perfect.

For more intense aroma, taste and coffee feel, more sophisticated options may be considered. Important factors to consider in the purchase choice of a coffee grinder includes the grinder method, the speed and power, the ease of cleaning and maintenance and then the price. There is no perfect grinder for all, the perfection is based on the expected usage.