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How Can I Request a Ford VIN Lookup


Are you interested in buying a second-hand Ford vehicle from a dealer? Then consider running a Ford VIN lookup to know the true state or status of the vehicle. Running a Ford VIN check is very important before you make payments. It will help you uncover whether the vehicle is stolen or has been involved in an accident. 

Below, you will learn how to request a Ford VIN lookup, so read on!

What Is a Ford VIN Decoder?

Before we define what a Ford VIN decoder is, let’s quickly explain what a Ford VIN is so that you can get a proper understanding of the topic. The Ford VIN is a 17-character long code that is assigned to every Ford vehicle by the manufacturer. When you decode the Ford VIN, it conveys vital information about a Ford vehicle. 

Now, back to what a Ford VIN decoder is. A Ford Vin decoder is an online service that lets you quickly look up the historical record of a Ford vehicle just by entering or imputing the vehicle’s VIN number in the space provided in a decoder. It is necessary to always look up the historical record of a vehicle, especially when you plan to buy a second-hand vehicle from a dealer or your friend or family members. 

Looking up the historical record of a vehicle through a VIN decoder will help you fetch information like the vehicle’s transmission type, the vehicle’s make, engine type, the vehicle’s production year, and so much more. In fact, the process of looking up the Ford vehicle will also help you establish whether or not the vehicle you intend to purchase has been involved in an accident or whether it is a stolen vehicle.

What Other Results Will I Get With a Ford VIN Lookup?

You can expect to get the following results when you run a VIN check on your Ford vehicle:

  • Unreported damage;
  • The accuracy of mileage;
  • Maintenance requirements;
  • Safety and maintenance recalls;
  • Historical photos;
  • Previous country of registration;
  • Theft record;
  • Other useful information.  

How to Request a Ford VIN Lookup

The process of requesting a Ford VIN lookup is through a Ford VIN decoder. There are so many Ford VIN decoders in the present-day market; as such, you need to be wary of those that are fake. One VIN decoder that has been around for some time now and has proven to always turn out accurate data is VinPit. VinPit is the world’s leading VIN decoder that you can trust to check the historical record of any vehicle in the automotive market. So, to request a Ford VIN lookup using VinPit, here is how to go about it:

  • Visit the VinPit official website.
  • Enter Ford VIN: Input your Ford VIN the way it is on your vehicle registration documents;
  • Search Data: Click on “search data.” 
  • Get Report: Wait for a few seconds to get your results.

Where Can I Find a Ford VIN?

On a Ford vehicle, there are so many locations that the manufacturer has printed the VIN number for easy sighting. Some of the popular locations where you can get the Ford VIN number include:

  • The vehicle’s beams of the bumpers;
  • The transmission housing;
  • The surface of the left front door;
  • The left-center pillar;
  • The inner surface of the front shield of the body;
  • The frame of the front seats;
  • Under the decorative panel;
  • Left front suspension;
  • The upper surface of the front suspension cross member;
  • The vehicle’s chassis;
  • The rack post of the right-front suspension;
  • The lid of the fuse box.

Is it safe to share my Ford’s VIN?

Of course, sharing your Ford VIN number with a third-party like the security agencies or an interested buyer does no harm. If your Ford vehicle is stolen, for instance, you will need to provide the security agencies the vehicle VIN number to enable them track the exact location of the vehicle for prompt or easy recovery. The police will then use a VIN decoder to get all the necessary information about the vehicle before swinging into action to help you recover the stolen vehicle.

How to Lookup Ford Parts and Accessories through VIN?

When your Ford vehicle becomes faulty, you can look up the parts and accessories using the VIN number that comes with the vehicle. The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to visit a Ford Vin decoder like VinPit, and enter the VIN number of the vehicle to look up the exact match of the parts that you’re looking for. 

Once you get the exact part or accessories that the mechanic required to repair or fix your vehicle, you can then proceed to buy the part or accessories on the market. VinPit is a leading VIN decoder that you can always rely on to look up your vehicle parts or accessories before entering the market to make a purchasing decision.