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How are Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers Different?

Welcome back, stoners – Next in our Cannabis series is a discussion on rolling paper and, most importantly, blunt wraps.

Let’s explore the world of Cannabis flower smoking in blunts and joints. 

Blunt Wraps – Blunts and Joints 101 

While rolling up a joint for smoking is one of the most conventional methods for taking a puff of the Cannabis flower, the blunts are fairly new to the party. 

What are blunts called among stoners? 

The blunts are referred to as doobies/doobs, Marijuana cigarettes, jays, cannon, phatty, and pinner. 

What are joints called among stoners? 

You can call joints Dutch, An L, Phatty, Blizzunt, and bleezy. There also comes the spliff, which is quite similar to joints but with tobacco rolled in it. 

Ideally, there is no right or wrong name for blunts or a joint. It gets very interesting to see the names that stoners come up with., so certainly, you can try naming blunts and joints by yourself, too – just have fun in the process. 

Now, let’s get down to the business at hand – read ahead for a complete rundown of the varying types of blunt wraps and rolling papers that can be used to smoke cannabis flowers. 

What is Rolling Paper? 

It won’t be wrong to call rolling papers the counterpart of a cannabis flower. 

The rolling paper is available in compact packs with many sheets making them a perfect go-to choice for users who enjoy smoking weed. 

There are plenty of different types of rolling paper available in the market including wood pulp base paper, rice rolling paper, or hemp-based rolling paper in addition to novelty paper that is made with gold leaf. You can also opt for translucent paper which is made from cellulose, a naturally occurring material. 

But today’s star of the show is hands down the perfect Blunt Wraps, so without further ado, let’s get on with; 

Blunt Wraps – An Overview 

Let’s discuss the iconic blunts a bit. 

While similar to the old school joints, the blunt wraps are made from varying materials – so it gets quite fun and easy to get one that will fit your requirements. 

Mostly, the blunt wraps are tobacco-based, but the herbal wraps and hemp wraps have gone on to become increasingly popular. 

Tobacco Blunt Wraps 

In tobacco blunt wraps – you get to have multiple options. 

First off you can get the fronto leaf, which s essentially an unprocessed whole tobacco leaf. You can rip the sections off of it and then roll, as you would roll a joint. If legends are to be believed, the fronto leaf is rumored to be the first-ever blunt wrap. 

But when these became hard to source, people began to break down cigarillos to fill up with weed, and make a blunt. 

Cigarillo  as Blunts Wraps 

The next best thing after the fronto leaf was cigarillos. 

Cigarillos are easily accessible and right there in front of you when you go to a convenience store. There is a massive variety of cigarillos out there that you can choose from according to your liking. 

When you want to use a cigarillo as a blunt wrap, you must empty the tobacco from it then fill the wrap up with cannabis and roll it back up.

There are also some varieties of natural leaf cigars that are a hybrid of cigarillo and fronto leaf, as they are pre-rolled cigars – however, the wrap itself is a natural tobacco leaf. So, while using a natural leaf cigar one doesn’t need to break it down, simply un-roll it, out the weed inside, and roll it all pretty once again. 

Types of Blunt Wraps 

After covering the tobacco-based blunt wraps, let’s discuss some other options. Tobacco is harmful to your health and the market offer alternatives that are tobacco-free, namely the herbal and hemp blunt wraps. 

While these are similar to cigarillos, they are not pre-filled with tobacco. 

Essentially, giving you an option to select your material of choice, take it out of the packaging and start rolling up your cannabis flower – and may we say this you get to learn the important utility of the rolling trays.  

Remember, the slow-burning of a blunt wrap is extremely enjoyable so they are always a good option to smoke your stash in peace without having to ingest tobacco. 

Final Word

From everyone at Puff Puff Pass it, we hope this blog helped you in demystifying the universe of rolled cannabis. The key point of this blog post is to remember the number of options that you have available to you. 

If this massive range of options has overwhelmed you, do not worry. We recommend exploring and experimenting with different kinds of paper and blunt wraps until you find something that you enjoy. 

Should you desire to learn how to roll up blunt wraps or want to go on a guided expedition towards the perfect blend of paper and wraps, find Puff Puff Pass It for more information/guidance and a premium quality range of cannabis smoking essentials.