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HLR Lookup Services: Features and Benefits

What is HLR lookup?

HLR Lookup or Home Location Register Lookup is a database that stores information about needed cell phone numbers and associated subscribers. Commonly phone provider locator service accesses this database to retrieve information about a specific number the same as its current status.

HLR carrier lookup can check portability status and roaming of a phone number. This is a common feature of the cell phone validation service, which uses HLR lookup technology https://sempico.solutions/products/mnp-lookup/ to verify the accuracy and validity of a phone number. Searching for a number provider can determine if a number is active, if it’s currently roaming on another network, and if it was some time ago ported to another carrier. This information is important to businesses and corporate organizations that rely on accurate and up-to-date phone numbers to communicate and contact customers.

The HLR Lookup online API checks the status of a mobile phone number by querying a mobile operator’s database. This request is sent through an API, which is secure and fast. The HLR lookup API will return a response once the request is received in the mobile operator’s database. This response may contain information, whether the number is active or not, whether it is roaming and whether it is a valid number.

What details do you get from a phone number lookup?

Cell phone carrier lookup is one way to verify that a phone number is valid and also checks a cell phone number’s active status and network availability.

A HLR lookup online can provide various details. Some of the key details you can get when you search for a phone provider are:

  • Service Status: Phone number is currently active or inactive
  • Carrier: Name of the registered carrier network
  • Ported Status: When the phone number has been moved from one network to another
  • Roaming Status: If the phone number is currently roaming on another network
  • Country: the country where the phone number is registered and used

What Are the Benefits of Using Phone Provider Search?

The HLR Search API is accurate and safe. Since the API is connected to the database of mobile operators, it provides real-time mobile number status. Businesses can use the API’s metadata to decide how to handle calls or messages to a specific number.

The HLR Search API is fast and efficient. Businesses can quickly verify a large amount of mobile phone numbers using the phone number lookup API. This is useful for companies that need to verify a large number of mobile phones for a marketing campaign or other activity.

The HLR Lookup API and Web Platform are useful tools for businesses that need to verify cell phone numbers. The accuracy, reliability, and speed of the API can help businesses make smarter decisions about how to handle calls and messages to specific numbers, and provide information about the countries or carriers associated with those phone numbers.

Benefits of working with our service

Sempico Solutions easy-to-use interface allows you to easily upload large lists of phone numbers for fast and efficient bulk phone number lookup processing. It is possible to view reports for number search campaigns and export them in various formats.

  • Bulk phone number search (up to 40,000 phone numbers per campaign)
  • Upload files (Excel or CSV) with phone numbers
  • Import phone numbers via copy/paste
  • Export campaign results as an Excel or CSV file

Sempico Solutions provides access to the web panel, where you will have the possibility to contact your personal manager, view prices, replenish balance and plan your campaigns according to your current balance status.

Keep your database clean by periodically removing outdated or inaccurate phone numbers to ensure messages and calls are only sent to valid, active contacts. This helps optimize costs by reducing the number of failed or undelivered SMS messages and calls.