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Gregory Griffiths joins the Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) as Web3 and Digital Innovation Ecosystem Advisor to Accelerate the Net Zero Economy Vision

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Gregory Griffiths will have a core focus on advising and helping the NZTwork core team expand on the company’s strategy, Web3, and digital service offerings.

Mr. Griffiths brings a wealth of experience and industry connections in Web3 and digital innovation to enhance development capabilities and project culture, enabling an environment where the NZTwork team can thrive at maximum potential. He will be assisting the team to expand resources, new hires, strategic alliances and web3 community access to build awareness.

Gregory Griffiths believes that NZTwork has the foundation to not only disrupt the distributed fog and IoT data storage markets but to also dominate the $850 Billion and rapidly growing carbon credit market on the global stage by enabling all businesses and consumers to benefit from the Net Zero economy transition. Combined with his intricate industry knowledge across Web 3, digital, and innovation, Gregory Griffiths is confident that NZTwork can scale significantly and be recognized as the leader in generating tokenized carbon credits and real-time IoT data collection.

Gregory Griffiths said, “I am truly humbled and very excited to work with this talented and incredible team as they commence their journey. The team has previously built, delivered and successfully exited several companies and brings forward a wealth of specific industry knowledge and experience that will be directly applicable to NZTwork.”

Phillip Kopp, Co-Founder and CTO added, “Gregory Griffiths brings a wealth of experience, unique perspective and determined attitude that will help us serve our community with more purpose and impact. His engagement is already delivering several key strategic discussions and is pushing our team to work continuously faster and smarter.

We’re excited to welcome Gregory Griffiths to the NZTwork family and look forward to our next chapter of success with his guidance and support.”

About NZTwork

The Net Zero Token Network (NZTwork) is transforming cryptocurrency with infrastructure to capture and monetize carbon reduction and renewable energy activities as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) down to the individual level, bringing all consumers and businesses worldwide into the $850 Billion and growing global carbon credit market. NZTwork offers a one-of-a-kind decentralized platform for creating environmental smart data and decentralized carbon offsets, rewarding back individuals for energy efficiency and renewable energy creation. Visit the NZTwork website at nztwork.com Or contact us for more information at media@nztwork.com

About Gregory Griffiths

Gregory is the Founder and Chairman of IDEAX Ventures a global consulting firm with an incredible team of 14x trusted advisors with collectively over 100 years experience. IDEAX specialises in supporting the funding and delivery of Startups, Innovation, Web 3.0, Technology, Market Intelligence, Board Advisory and Financial Services.

Gregory is also Board Advisor to: Crypto Nitro, Credit Metaverse and AFEN Blockchain Group.

Visit the IDEAX website at www.ideax.uk Contact Gregory at info@ideax.uk.

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