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HBO announces: Enriching the industrial landscape with digital assets

New York, USA, March 15, 2024 – HBO&Binance’s first joint performance, HBO officially announced that it has entered the era of digital assets. As a pioneer in the film and media fields, HBO adheres to the open, transparent and fair development route and adheres to the concept of using the film and television media industry as a carrier and radiating around the world. Changes are happenning.

Looking forward to the first quarter of 2024, HBO has made excellent achievements in theater promotion and film and television planning, and is more likely to become a theater partner of “Fast and Furious 11”. Let us look forward to HBO’s glorious arrival.

This joint event with Binance aims to create a more efficient and faster ecological environment and help every user who participates in HBO create more possibilities in the era of digital economy.

Join HBO, take the express train of film and television media, AI your future!

For more information about HBO’s Next Generation Cinematic Vision, please visit the company’s official website:https://hbonm.com/


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