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Geopeptides: Reviews Don’t Seem Accurate To Me

Have I got an interesting full review for you today. It’s around a company called Geopeptides, who I have to admit I’ve never used myself, but I know somebody who did six months ago, which is why I’m writing about them.

The experience this guy had wasn’t good to be honest, and it made me suspicious. I love writing about SARMs as well as benefiting from them, so I did a little digging around.

So what I’m presenting to you here is everything I know about the company, and the peptides they sell.

I want to guide you through everything I know, and give you the opportunity to have a little more researched information, so that you can make a better decision on whether you should buy SARMs from Geopeptides, or look elsewhere.

Who Are Geopeptides?

Geopeptides appear to started trading around the end of 2013. That’s when the domain name is registered, and when their Facebook and Twitter profiles suddenly appeared.

They’ve sold a wide range of SARMs and peptides since then. They used to have quite a good reputation, especially amongst bodybuilding communities on Reddit, but that’s changed dramatically in the past 12 months.

Since mid-2020, they’ve basically vanished in terms of marketing, and people who have received orders from them have complained about the quality, if they receive them at all.

Even more oddly than that, this company also seemed to sell mobility products through the website. Would you like a wheelchair with your SARMs? Totally bizarre.

Geopeptide Review: Let’s Take A Look Under The Hood

The first thing I did was check them out “under the hood”, by looking at their website and social media profiles.

The website was registered in 2013, Facebook page and Twitter profile also appeared around that time.

Not a lot has appeared on the social media profiles other than endless coupon code discounts, mostly 50 and 60% discount code. That’s a lot of money to offer as a discount all the way through the life of the company, they were really pushing sales any cost, no matter how low the margins.

The website itself is years out of date. It looks like standard shopping cart website that hasn’t been updated in nearly a decade.

It’s so bad that it doesn’t even render properly in modern browsers, it literally isn’t responsive in design, and has had no attention for years.

The about page and info pages lead to dead links, which is a huge red flag. I tried the contact form, and 72 hours later, nobody had replied at all.

It also isn’t written in non-native English, and simply doesn’t make sense. Also there is some dubious reference to outsourced customer service:

“Geo Peptides offers custom services through our third party client. Through our services we offer nothing less then professional. We offer Molecular Biology , Cell Biology , Genomics, Proteomics and Protein services. Buy Research Peptides and Research Chemicals for sale online.

Please check out our Custom Service page below. Where to buy peptides online? Geo Peptides is the best peptide company online today. New sales every week.”

I have to say, there are so many red flags here it is untrue. The social media profiles all went dead in December 2020 and nothing has been posted, or replied to, since that time. All those profiles did throughout 2020 was pump 50% discount code every few weeks, with no other interaction.

In fact, if you are looking for Geo peptides coupon code, you find about hundred of them, pumping out of their social media accounts every single month for seven years.

Pricing & Shipping

There are 30 different peptides for sale on the website, although I had not heard of 10 of them, and couldn’t find references to those in half the other sites I used for price comparison.

So I looked at RAD-140, one of 17 SARMs products (although four of those are Cardarine at different dosage strengths).

RAD-140 dosed at 10 mg/mL costs $77 for a 300 mg bottle. As a comparison, a higer dosage costs $79 at Chemyo.

Shipping is free on orders over $150, which is reasonable I guess, but you would have to have the balls to place that order in the first place.

How About Those Vital SARMs Purity Reports?

At the heart of this review has to be whether the purity of the SARMs these guys sell stacks up to the prices they are charging, and the quality they are claiming.

For a start, when you click on the purity reports, they are out of date. The last Cardarine report is from 2016; are we really meant to believe that’s the last batch of SARMs these guys bought in?

The reports that are there don’t make a lot of sense either. They certainly aren’t the type of full purity report I’m used to on high-quality websites.

Here’s the thing, with dirt cheap Chinese SARMs, you get some technical data from the company who sell it. The really bad sellers don’t then get their own independent testing done, they simply upload those Chinese documents, which could mean literally anything and aren’t verified.

So what we have here is totally inconsistent and incomplete purity testing, that cannot be verified, and nobody without a degree can genuinely make sense of.

With so many competitors out there who do have proper independent third-party lab tests done, and consistently update these reports for each batch of SARMs they buy in, why the hell would you order from a company charging more than the competitors and who don’t verify the quality?

So Is Geopeptides A Legit Company?

Geopeptides used to be a legitimate company. However, there is a stench around them that would make me advise you to run a mile.

I’ll tell you why this stench is even bigger than the lack of purity reports, and the non-existent customer service, it’s the fact that it appears to be a company who have ditched this brand because it failed, and have simply set up new websites to continue selling the same poor quality SARMs.

I saw a claim on Reddit that Geo are linked to a company called peptides warehouse. So I did a little reverse search engineering.

I found a key phrase on the Geopeptides homepage:

“Venmo Payment, Apple Pay, G-Pay, Bitcoin or Cash App are also available options.”

I put that into Google, and guess what. That exact same phrase appears on the Peptides Warehouse website, as it does on the website of a company called Pep Warehouse.

So it’s undoubtedly the same people running all three websites.

And guess what, the purity reports on both of those websites are several years out of date as well. They are simply fake reports, or old reports stolen from somewhere else.

Worse than that, all three of them claim to be selling “USA manufactured SARMs”, and the newer two sites are showing photos of orange SARMs bottles which look exactly like those that were sold by company called Proven Peptides, who also vanished off the face of the earth last year.

So from where I’m sitting, this is a huge, stinking chain of poor quality peptides being sold through different websites by group of people who don’t care about your health and fitness at all.

Need more?  Well, the company listed as owning Geo Peptides has been dissolved, and hasn’t filed accounts in three years.

Better Places To Buy SARMs Online

I’ll be honest, my research, which I think you can see is thorough, has led me to only buy SARMs and supplements from just one website now, which ticks all of the following:

  • Websites have been around for several years
  • Traceability in who the company is
  • The SARMs they sell have proper purity reports
  • Reviews online are good
  • Social media presence is current
  • Reddit users talk about them positively
  • I’ve used SARMs from these companies successfully

The company is called Chemyo, they are based in the USA.

They only sell SARMs liquid  and powder, no capsules, but for me that’s perfect , capsules are always more expensive.

Prices are also good, 10mg/ml-50ml costs around $60.

All that is a world away from the absolute quagmire of Geo Peptides and the other fronts that whoever runs them users to sell poor quality SARMs that could be harming people, or at the very least, stealing their money.