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Geoffrey Allen Wall is Featured in a New Professional Profile

During the course of the interview, the semi-retired real estate developer revealed some fascinating insights, ideas, and opinions.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 1, 2023 – When semi-retired real estate developer Geoffrey Allen Wall was approached about becoming the featured subject in a new professional profile, he agreed readily, eager to share his accumulated experience with the public. The interview, which was conducted by the writing staff of an online periodical that concentrates on matters relating to business, technology, and thought leadership, was published on May 9, 2023.

At the outset of the profile, Geoffrey addresses a question about how he spends the days he chooses to work now that he has partially retired. “Most of my day is dedicated to problem-solving. For example, my firm’s housing committee is always trying to figure out issues surrounding permits, which is a consistent problem. Lately, we’ve had a lot of issues with the supply chain, like everyone else in the world,” he replies, elaborating further, “Beyond that, I spend my work day managing costs and trying to stay within budgets. However, that’s getting easier than it used to be. I’m also constantly looking at new projects and evaluating whether to finance them or to actually take on the design and construction of them ourselves. Right now, my team and I are working on two big properties down in the Caribbean, and the results are making us incredibly happy.”

Later in the interview, Geoffrey Allen Wall dispenses some valuable advice for anyone considering pursuing a career in real estate development. “Make sure you complete your due diligence for the projects you invest in, as it may save you a lot of money and trouble down the road. Also, understand that timing is everything. Above all else, though, make sure that you’re capable of accomplishing your plans before starting them,” he states, before relating a nugget of cautionary wisdom. “Since the market crash of 2008, a lot of people have jumped into this industry hoping to become renovators and home designers in a bid to build wealth quickly. Unfortunately, many of them did not anticipate everything involved—the time it will take, realistic costs, overages, et cetera. The lesson to be learned from this unfortunate trend is that it’s critical to be prepared before you begin a large, complicated enterprise.”

Anyone interested in reading the interview in its entirety will find it located here, while anyone curious to learn more about Geoffrey Allen Wall is encouraged to visit his professional blog.

About Geoffrey Allen Wall:

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, Geoffrey Allen Wall attended Langara College for Business Management located in his hometown. While studying there, Geoffrey bought his first property, redesigned it, then sold it for a profit. The success of this project made a powerful impact on him, and from that day forward, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in real estate development. After graduating from Langara College, he opened his own property development firm, which prospered in the notoriously competitive British Columbian real estate sector for many years.

Early in his career, Geoffrey became keenly interested in sustainable technologies and eco-friendly practices. He acquainted himself with the environmental benefits and technical requirements of solar, tidal, wind, and geothermal energy generation, and applied them to most of his designs. It could accurately be said that the overarching theme of his career has been developing real estate that provides a memorable experience to clients, tenants, and visitors alike, all the while leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible.  

These days, Geoffrey Allen Wall is semi-retired, but remains active in a consulting capacity. He is currently working on the development of several self-sustaining tropical resorts in the Caribbean. 


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