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Features You Should Never Miss out for Budget Photo Editing Laptop

If you are running low on budget you can’t get the best laptop from the list. Well, that was true a few years back. Luckily, now things have changed and opting for the high-quality yet cheap photo editing laptop has become practice. That said, there are still some basic features that matter the most. Therefore, you have to sift for the most precise photos editing laptop from the rest to pick the compatible rig.

Moreover, there can be few features that you may have to compromise for the right price range. For instance, if your focus is editing photos you do not need the backlit keyboard for the obvious reasons. Or at least you can overlook that feature. Additionally, features like RGB backlit keyboard, camera shutter, latest camera and face recognition are only those features that make the laptop instant costly.

So, what are those features you should never miss out even for the budget photo editing laptop? Let’s not wait further!

Essential features for Photo Editing Laptop

Keep in mind; if you are looking for a low-cost or budget laptop for a professional task like photo editing, there are some compromises that you have to make. But there are also few features that must come uncompromised. Here is what you should prefer.

Color Reception

No doubt the laptop for enhancing and designing photos should be accurate in performance. While you are at the buying store, look for its color performance under various filters and formats. The 100% sRGB color display makes the display lively, bright and more natural. However, if you are just learning the skill you can compromise things accordingly.


The compatibility to turn on specific software or apps is something that you must not forget. Certainly you don’t want to throw away your photo editing laptop just because it can’t handle the OS system.

Before buying, study the specification and opt for an opting system that supports the latest software, application and tools. Even the Cheap photo editing laptops are now offering seamless support for the latest programs and all you have to do is to find the best option from the market or online!

Hardware Requirement

No matter if you want to run Lightroom, Photoshop or any other app for editing photos, the laptop must meet the hardware requirement in the first place. Even for the cheap editing laptop, the RAM of 8 GB and the SSD drive with flexible data stone is recommended. Fast boot time, proper heat management and the lasting-battery are few of the features that you should never miss out on.

For instance, you need the 2 Ghz or faster on Windows, RAM 8 GB or beyond, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 or equivalent is ideal. You can get all this in the budget laptop and that is no less than a bonus.

Display and Resolution

Any visual asks for the most decent display requirement in the laptop. For the cheap photo editing you need the resolution that never compromise on the FHD screen, accuracy in pixel management and the bright.

The crystal-clear performance of the laptop is not a big deal even for the budget option but prefer the high resolution then the screen size. For the display screen the 13 to 15 inches laptop is the best-fit. And a bigger screen also adds to the overall weight of the laptop, so choose your rig wisely!

Laptop Penal Type

For the budget laptop category especially for photo editing tasks the penal type is also a matter of consideration. If you don’t know already, there are generally three display panel types namely, IPS, VA/SVA and TN.

You can opt for any of the displays but the IPS screen is more efficient and gives you a wider viewing angle ergonomically. That is the reason why many professional editors choose an IPS screen over any other.

In-Plane Switching: offer high quality color, beer viewing angles, and seamless lighting of photo editing

Twisted Nematic Panel:  These penal type limited color and viewing angles however they are good for regular tasks.

VA (SVA): VA display penal is the ideal option for the but its response time is somewhat delayed. For photo editing the response time should not matter though.  Moreover, you get the best color contrast with these display panels and come with updated viewing angles in view on TN displays.


Whichever photo editing laptop you are buying, the baseline is always your  personal preference. For a limited budget, you have to highlight quality in the rig as you can’t replace your laptop every now and then.If you’re still somewhat confused about the latest option, you can consult our round up list for the latest budget laptop option for photo editing tasks.