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Adel Serhal: The Model and Actor from Ukraine

Adel Serhal is a famous social media star and a professional model. The 24-year-old Ukrainian influencer became famous due to his posts on fashion, lifestyle and fitness. He even has a YouTube channel where he posts vlogs and other entertaining videos. Adel started his modeling career at a very young age. His journey is truly inspiring as he went from an ordinary boy to a famous model in Ukraine.

Born in February, 1998, Adel Serhal is a Ukrainian international fashion model and actor. Serhal is best known for his appearances in numerous global campaigns, leading fashion magazines, runways, and fashion shoots for famous brands.

Serhal acquired Social Sciences Foundation year from Kingston University London and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the American University of Science and Technology. Serhal developed an interest in modeling at a young age and eventually pursued his career as a full-time fashion model.

Adel believes that the modeling industry is becoming more challenging with every passing day. People assume that it is an easy job. However, it is a rather common misconception. Getting exposed to the world of glamour at a rather young age, Adel had to face a lot of challenges which proved to be beneficial in order to scale up in the industry. He believes that every aspiring model needs to have five qualities in order to be successful- uniqueness, self-confidence, stepping out of their comfort zone, keeping up with technological and digital advancement and lastly fitness. The last attribute is not only beneficial in the professional sector but also personally. Adel Serhal himself is a fitness freak who loves practicingsports, mindfulness and meditation.

The young model is also a popular social media figure. He documents his life on social media where his audience can get a glimpse of his lifestyle. He has also worked with a lot of brands to promote their products on his social media accounts.

Adel Serhal is also a successful entrepreneur, businessman and social media star. Thus, he is a very influential and inspiring personality who has come a long way since the beginning.

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