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Fawad Anwar Charts New Territories for Digital Health and Wellness with PaakHealth and his new venture FoundHeal

Fawad Anwar, the rising tech entrepreneur behind the innovative e-health company known as PaakHealth, has created a successful web and mobile application, specializing in the home delivery of essential medicines, connecting donors with local blood banks, doctors, and hospitals throughout Pakistan.  

Whether he’s working on optimization of his digital platforms, managing his team of software developers, or working with partners to expand their reach, Fawad has demonstrated his capacity to build the companies of tomorrow, focused on improving the health and wellness landscape using the power of technology.  

For the past 6 years, he has gained expertise in business leadership, as the Founder and Chief Executive leading PaakHealth’s operations, former Chief Executive of VConekt, and former Chief Financial Officer of Sevensols Technologies, IT service consulting companies specializing in web and mobile app development in Pakistan.

With a talent for developing some of the most innovative digital platforms and popular mobile apps in diverse industries, Fawad turned his vision toward the future. He began to take notice of the worsening global mental health crisis during the pandemic, which inspired him to create FoundHeal LLC, Fawad Anwar’s second business venture in the digital technology and mental health industry. Recognizing that rates of anxiety and depression were skyrocketing, Fawad became committed to reducing suffering among society with the development of FoundHeal, a mobile application providing a peer mental health support community, interactive content, tools, and resources to the general population.

Perhaps it was the success he found as a tech developer in his home country of Pakistan that gave him the confidence to jumpstart FoundHeal.

Fawad’s entrepreneurial journey was set in motion when he moved to Dera Ismail Khan located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan to earn his baccalaureate degree in Accounting and Finance from Gomal University. While there, he found a gap between urban and rural healthcare, with those in rural areas not having adequate access to basic healthcare facilities and needing to travel to larger cities to meet their basic health needs. Fawad also encountered major obstacles plaguing Pakistan’s healthcare system in big cities, such as long wait times to get an appointment to see a doctor, inadequate access to medications, and difficulty locating nearby blood banks.

With determination and resolve, Fawad’s PaakHealth became tremendously successful. He competed and was selected to join some of the most exclusive incubators and accelerators within the tech industry in Pakistan, such as Telenor Velocity, Durshal Community Innovation Lab Incubator, Founder’s Institute Islamabad, and Cube 8’s incubation program at the National Science and Technology Park of Pakistan.

He stood out from all other competitors being named one of the top competing startups. His ambition and drive to succeed led Fawad to win a government grant of 2 million Pakistani rupees on behalf of PaakHealth from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Impact Challenge (KPIC), an enterprise of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government in collaboration with the National Incubation Center (NIC) in Lahore, Pakistan located in the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and the School of Education.

Since then, Fawad has appeared on television in interviews given to PTV news, Pakistan Television Corporation, as well as radio shows in Pakistan on FM 101 radio hosted by Laraib Shah. He was also selected to appear as a contestant on Pakistan’s popular television program Idea Croron Ka, broadcasted on the Neo News television network, Pakistan’s Shark Tank.

His journey has been inspirational. Fawad continues to make an impression on the tech industry in Pakistan and beyond. He is a reminder that with hard work and determination, much can be accomplished. We look forward to following his newest developments with FoundHeal and his entrepreneurial pursuits.