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Ravi Rajapaksha: A Pro at Meeting the Changing Demands of the Business Sector

The most effective way for a company to connect with its audience is via public relations (PR) and associated services. Companies are increasingly turning to public relations firms for help in the wake of the pandemic in order to repair the deterioration caused by the outbreak.

It is estimated that the post-pandemic PR sector will increase in value from its present $88 billion to a whopping $129 billion. These numbers demonstrate the importance of public relations in delivering the brand’s message to consumers in today’s market. In 2021, the worldwide public relations sector expanded by 10.2%, driven by an increase in the use of digital outlets due to the effects of COVID-19. In addition, since 2021, 60.05% of all internet businesses have outsourced their digital PR work. Currently, PR is evolving into a self-contained marketing machine. The public image of your business is now more than ever an issue that must be addressed.

To survive in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses need some kind of edge over their competitors. A well-designed PR strategy can help companies get visibility in the media that will allow them to reach their target audiences. As the use of digital media continues to spread around the world, this kind of publicity can help bring the business to the attention of more people. Despite the growing need for public relations support, many companies struggle to find reliable firms that can provide tangible results. Because of this need, company owner and industry specialist Ravi Rajapaksha created Nextenco during the pandemic to meet the demand for public relations services from other companies.

Although there is a plethora of news organizations available in the digital realm, it can be challenging for startups to determine which ones will provide them with the best publicity. Professionals at Nextenco work with clients to improve their company’s brand recognition and customer loyalty via strategic placement of positive stories in major media outlets. Due to Nextenco’s connections with top-tier online publications, such as Forbes, The New York Times, Marketwatch, Entrepreneur Magazine, Billboard, LA Weekly, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Bristol Post, Haute Living, and many more, you can rest assured that your articles, interviews, and other media content will be featured prominently.

Nextenco is a premium public relations firm that understands the importance of finding and sharing noteworthy stories about businesses to attract media attention and consumer interest. Nextenco’s team of experts in many industries, seasoned publicists, and skilled journalists are experts in making the most of every positive story to improve PR results. In order to maximize their customers’ PR campaigns’ efficacy, the PR support firm’s executives use their knowledge of sophisticated storytelling to create authentic and persuasive PR material.

Nextenco, in contrast to more conventional public relations firms, operates on a month-to-month basis, with the goal of delivering campaign results to customers on a monthly basis. When it comes to expanding their customer base, they take the matter of doing so with great deliberation. They exclusively work with reputable businesses that have a solid track record and a promising future. Nextenco has become one of the most in-demand PR agencies because of its innovative business model, which guarantees a steady stream of results for its core customers.

Finally, as a member of the PR industry and a part of the PR ecosystem, Nextenco is dedicated to providing incremental benefits to its clientele. Nextenco, which is led by Ravi Rajapaksha, is ready to help businesses generate awareness about their brands.