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Facebook Live Vs YouTube Live – Which one is best?

Live streaming is one of the reasons why you can get a better result for your brand and page in establishing a good result. As a core part of the platform, both Facebook live and YouTube live offer multiple benefits for your page. The core part of the platforms allows you to get both streaming and also a good live session. Bothe Facebook Live and YouTube live are two important parts when it comes to the live sessions. However, picking out the best between Facebook Live Vs YouTube Live is always a difficult task in hand.

Which one is Better – Facebook Live or YouTube Live?

Figuring out between Facebook Live Vs YouTube Live is always a difficult challenge in hand because both of them are equally important. Both Facebook Live and YouTube live come with better dynamics for user data and configurations. The most important part of having both Facebook Live and YouTube live is that it helps you in getting a great result.

Facebook Live Vs YouTube Live – User Data

The user data for Facebook and YouTube is quite similar but there is a slight difference. The user data matters a lot when it comes to the developer point of view. This is mainly because the video sessions have better interactions and provide a great result. When it comes to the data and the number of people, Facebook has a slight better reach.

There are almost 1.9 billion active users per month on Facebook while YouTube offers 1.3 billion users. At the same time, when it comes to viewing time, the watch time, YouTube has a slight better edge. According to the records, YouTube offers 3.25 billion hours on an average while Facebook offers around 3 billion hours every month.

Facebook Live Vs YouTube Live – Technical Differences

One of the major things that you need to consider is about the technical aspects for having a good video quality and result. The best part for having a good resolution is that it allows your viewers to get a good resolution for watch. While comparing the technical aspects for Facebook Live and YouTube Live, it is better to say that YouTube has a slight edge over Facebook.

The best part of having a good resolution is that it allows you to get a good support. Facebook offers you a max of 720p resolution while YouTube offers you to upload a maximum of 1080p video while doing a live stream.

The maximum length of live streaming on Facebook is limited to 4 hours while YouTube allows you to stream upto 36 hours without any interruption. For bigger events and live coverage, YouTube is a better option for you.

Another major difference between the two is because of monetization. Facebook does not have any direct monetization offers for live streams. However, it will allow the streamer to collect stars which they can redeem later. At the same time, YouTube offers direct monetization through Ads, Sponsors and also super chats.

Facebook Live Pros

1. One of the best advantages for using Facebook live is that it has a lower barrier to the entry. As a result of this, you will be able to reach out to a broader audience in just a few steps. Anyone with the Facebook account might get a direct access to the live session.

2. The next key thing that Facebook live offers you are the massive audience. Facebook live has the option for users to get massive audience for the management and use. Taking advantage of Facebook user base, you will be able to get a good advantage of the audience.

3. Another great benefit for using the Facebook live is that it comes with video API results. The best part of having a good live session on Facebook will allow you to get a better API. As a result, having a good video API will save time and also boost the efficiency for any brand.

4. It all depends on your fanpage likes and followers count as well if you have big number of followers on Facebook you can quickly get many FB live viewers for your stream. These days many only shopping pages and gaming pages are growing because it is the most accessible way to connect with targeted audiences

5. If your budget is small and you want the best result with your stream. Facebook would be the best choice for you. With the help of digital marketing services, you can purchase live stream viewers for your FB stream as well and boost any number of viewership according to your need.

YouTube Live Pros

1. YouTube Live is another thing that you need to keep in mind because of the wonderful search and the SEO benefits. YouTube Live offers you a better SEO benefit which allows the video to get a greater result. The best part of having such monetization is that it comes with a great result. These benefits offer you a great help.

2. The sales and other money making opportunities become much better and improved when it comes to the YouTube Live sessions. The channel subscribing audience will allow you to get better money making opportunities which will get you better results.

3. The one thing that YouTube Live offers is direct monetization. It is a great option which you need to keep in mind. The monetization options are slightly higher when it comes to the YouTube Live.