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Executive Consultant Kevin Modany Discusses the Management Consulting Industry’s Multifaceted Transformation

Kevin Modany, an experienced executive consultant, highlights the myriad of growth experienced recently within the management consulting industry.

As the global business landscape continues to evolve, the United States management consulting industry is also reshaping itself. To begin, global market insights firm IBIS World published a January 2024 report on the industry’s scope and projected growth.

During the past five years, the United States management consulting industry’s revenue has achieved a 2.3% compound annual growth rate (or CAGR). For 2024, IBIS World projects that this aggregate industry will attain a $368.5bn market volume.

Equally importantly, IBIS World expects the United States management consulting market size to keep increasing for five more years (at a minimum). Notably, executive consultants such as Kevin Modany work in the management consulting industry’s top tier.

The United States Management Consulting Industry in 2024

Management consultants, including executive consultants such as Kevin Modany, offer diverse services to segmented markets. These consultants work with individuals, businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations.

Management consulting firms’ wide-ranging client makeup has greatly minimized revenue fluctuations during the past five years. This positive trend has resulted from different markets’ varied responses to challenging economic conditions.

Management Consultants Possess Wide-ranging Expertise

For perspective, management consultants (including executive consultants) advise client companies on issues related to organizational planning, financial management and planning, and budgeting oversight. These consultants also assist clients in setting (and monitoring) strategic marketing goals.

With today’s complex business management challenges, it’s not surprising that clients most frequently demand the services of corporate strategy experts. As a previous Chief Executive Officer (or CEO), Kevin Modany is well-positioned to offer this suite of high-level services.

Management Consultants Thrive in Varied Economic Environments

A management consultant (or an executive consultant such as Kevin Modany) often finds opportunities with growing companies. A firm planning an expansion, or one preparing to make strategic decisions, would likely seek expert assistance first.

However, Kevin Modany says the opposite scenario can also be true. Perhaps a company has been impacted by an industry downturn or a decline in revenues. Maybe the firm’s expansion strategy didn’t unfold as planned.

In these (and other) cases, the firm’s CEO may seek to streamline operations and reduce expenses. With so much at stake, they want to hire a highly skilled management consultant. Fortunately, these capable professionals are available throughout the United States.

5 Management Consulting Industry Trends to Keep on the Radar in 2024

Like many other industries, the United States management consulting industry is overflowing with 21st-century innovations. Executive consultant Kevin Modany profiles five industry trends benefiting consultants and clients alike.

Increased Training and Development Focus

Forward-thinking management consulting firms are devoting more resources to consultants’ training and development. Through this sustained commitment, companies can provide consultants with higher-level skills and industry-specific knowledge. This enhanced perspective enables management consultants to improve client satisfaction and promote beneficial long-term relationships.

Enhancing a management consultant’s core competencies provides a solid foundation for their work. Core competencies include problem-solving, strategic thinking, and project management capabilities. Executive consultant Kevin Modany also emphasizes the value of emerging technologies training. Companies that emphasize ongoing learning and development are better positioned to capitalize on emerging trends and evolving market conditions.

Digital Transformation Consulting Market Growth

Across the United States, companies have varying degrees of digital transformation. A substantial number of businesses have gradually been streamlining their operations with new systems and technologies. However, other companies are considerably behind the curve and still depend on inefficient, time-consuming business practices.

Today, more companies are requesting consulting services designed to transform aspects of a firm’s business operations. Management consultants use updated digital technologies to enhance efficiencies, increase the firm’s agility, and improve the business’ competitive position.

Technological Support for Data-driven Decisions

Companies across many industries are increasingly replacing unpredictable guesswork with data-driven decision-making methodologies. Here, data analytics and artificial intelligence (or AI) provide decision-makers with insights that enable them to make choices aligned with the firm’s mission and objectives.


Technologically savvy management consultants will ideally guide their clients to make data-driven decisions. To achieve this goal, a client’s employees must be able to access and interpret needed data while receiving support from colleagues and higher management.

Kevin Modany’s Data-driven Decision-Making Philosophy

Executive Consultant Kevin Modany has long been a data-driven decision-making advocate. Using his finely honed data analysis skills, he provides clients with insights that enable them to make decisions aligned with the firm’s mission and goals.

Kevin Modany stresses that capturing the correct data is important. “There’s a plethora of data. People are collecting more and more of it. I think it requires that we prioritize and we make sure that we’re focused on the right set of data, and we don’t get overwhelmed by it. But I think it’s super exciting,” Kevin Modany remarked.

That said, Kevin Modany notes that qualitative factors should also be part of any decision.  “[The data is] not the end all be all, right? There are still qualitative considerations, and you always have to have that as part of the equation,’ Kevin Modany emphasized.

Integration of Practical Thought Leadership Content

In any industry, knowledgeable experts and innovators often become trusted thought leaders. These highly skilled CEOs and executives generate written content about topics relevant to their audience. Thought leaders also speak at industry conferences and other events.

Innovative, resourceful thought leaders typically present practical solutions to common industry problems. In the management consulting field, Kevin Modany says thought leaders may offer proven approaches for resolving complex client issues. The thought leader is respected for their wide-ranging knowledge base and focus on excellent client service.

Kevin Modany’s Thought Leadership Approach

Executive consultant Kevin Modany regularly engages in thought leadership marketing. This strategy involves regular contributions of insightful articles to reputable online platforms. While he offers insights on relevant industry issues, he elevates his industry profile and gains clients’ (and prospects’) respect.

Increased Attention on Compliance and Legislation

Management consulting firms must stay apprised of local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Besides guiding clients’ compliance with applicable requirements, each management consulting firm must ensure its own adherence.

Each firm’s location and service offerings, along with additional factors, will dictate its compliance requirements. The firm’s legal counsel may need to provide expert guidance and should monitor applicable laws’ changes. Executive consultant Kevin Modany notes five major compliance topics:

  • Consulting Contract Laws
  • Relevant Tax Laws
  • Labor and Employment Laws
  • Applicable Antitrust Laws
  • Client Data Privacy and Protection

The Management Consulting Industry’s Continued Evolution

In 2024 and beyond, management consultants will continue to provide clients with timely insights geared to each company’s needs. Executive consultant Kevin Modany emphasizes that new technologies and practices can enhance consultants’ offerings, thereby promoting more successful client outcomes.