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Emerging Dog Attacks: Top 3 Tips to Winning a Dog Bite Case

The number of dog owners has increased worldwide, leading to emerging dog bite cases. The attacks, which happen any time of the day, have also injured children and adults. You can be at the peril of infection when a dog bites, leading to death if not treated on time. There are many symptoms after the bite, such as swelling, redness around the wound, severe pain, and drainage from the injury. In addition, you can experience fever, night sweats, and shaking. There are many steps you ought to undertake to ensure you get satisfactory compensation for the damage and loss you will suffer. Dog bite cases can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the procedure to use. You can always contact a reputable dog bite lawyer to represent you and do all the paperwork needed. This article will explore tips to win a dog bite case.

1. Always Seek Medical Attention

Even though the dog bite might not seem deep or show signs of infection, you must seek medical attention. The doctor will evaluate your wound and give you the necessary treatment. Some dog bites can lead to conditions such as capnocytophaga, which can lead to heart attack, kidney failure, or gangrene. If you have contacted Shrum Law Office, they will take your doctor’s report as evidence when seeking compensation. Don’t forget to tell the doctor the cause of the wound so they can indicate it in their report.

2. Identify the Owner of The Dog

Identifying the owner is crucial to filing the dog bite case. When filing a claim, you should establish the dog owner or keeper’s name, contact, and address information. You must prove that the keeper or owner’s negligence led the dog to attack you. Additionally, you must establish that the dog was controlled or belonged to the keeper or owner when you were bitten. If the dog belonged to a neighbor or friend, getting this information is not complicated. However, if the owner was not in the vicinity, you need the help of a dog bit lawyer to determine who is responsible.

3. Gather as Much Evidence as Possible

To win any case, you need to prove the negligence of the keeper or dog owner. Furthermore, you need to establish that the suffering and loss you are experiencing are directly related to the dog bite. Ensure you take photos of the injury and, if possible, the dog and the owner. Additionally, you need an eyewitness statement; if you cannot talk to the eyewitness, your lawyer can help you with this. Lastly, ensure you have the location, date, and approximate time notes. The medical records can back this up. When the doctor s prescribes treatment, ensure they indicate what you can and cannot do since they will help you win your case.

Medical treatment can be an expensive adventure. You need to keep records of all the expenses related to the dog bite. Some expenses include receipts of items and services you pay from your pocket, lost wages, and bills from medical providers. Another crucial tip is to call the authorities immediately after the bite so they can record a statement.

Final Words

It’s crucial to seek medical assistance before you can start filing the complaint to ensure you are healthy. Hiring a reputable, experienced lawyer to help you file your case is also crucial.