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EDC Tactical Flashlight – What Makes an EDC Flashlight Tactical?

All tactical flashlights can be used as EDC flashlights but not all EDC flashlights are compatible for everyday use. There is a thin line between EDC and Tactical flashlights.

We’ll talk about the thin line later in the article. For now, understand that an EDC tactical flashlight is a powerful flashlight that can be used both at home and during tactical situations.

What is EDC Flashlight?

EDC stands for “everyday carry.” Anything that you can carry and use as a tool in a time of need can be called an EDC item. A flashlight that is easy to carry and meets a decent lighting requirement is known as an EDC flashlight.

Depending on the type of activities you are involved in or the type of lifestyle you have, lots of things might go into your everyday carry bag. But, undeniably flashlights are one of the most popular items you will see in almost all EDC toolboxes.

Other than flashlights, some common EDC items include pocket knives, cameras, headphones, multi-tools, etc.

EDC flashlights are small, easy to use, and less expensive than tactical flashlights but they also have low-lumen output, minimal light throw, and short battery run time.

What is Tactical Flashlight?

Unlike regular EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights feature higher output brightness, strobe mode, multiple brightness modes, battery indicator, aggressive knurling, and sometimes a strike bezel.

These flashlights are designed especially for critical situations and self-defense. All those flashlights that you see attached to military weapons are tactical flashlights. Tactical lights are also common among campers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

It has all the features that a normal EDC flashlight would have and furthermore, the added features make it even superior.

What makes an EDC flashlight tactical?

By now I assume you have understood the “thin line” that we talked about at the start of this article. Now let’s understand what makes a perfect EDC tactical flashlight.

Higher Lumen Output

The light is the most important characteristic when choosing a tactical flashlight. It should be powerful enough to disrupt the vision of an attacker for self-defense.

Generally, a regular EDC flashlight has around 300 lumens at the max. For an EDC tactical flashlight, it should be able to produce between 700 to 1000 lumen.

Anything above 1000 lumen is extremely bright, but for search and rescue operations this is the perfect lighting you will need.

Runtime and Battery

Light is one factor and battery is another. You can’t ignore the battery just because you got your hands on the brightest EDC tactical flashlight.

The battery plays an important role in the overall functioning of a flashlight. It doesn’t matter how bright the light shines or how long the light travels if the battery is of low quality the light won’t last an hour.

The brighter a flashlight the more battery it consumes. For that reason, EDC tactical batteries should have a long run-time. A rechargeable battery flashlight with higher milliampere-hour (mAh) is the best option.


Imagine that you are camping alone on a snowy mountain and you happen to drop your flashlight. Will it still work? Yes, if it’s a tactical flashlight.

EDC flashlights are made for home use and are normally made of plastic. But most tactical flashlights are made of high-grade metals.

If you’re planning to buy an EDC tactical flashlight for your next camping trip make sure it can handle natural elements like rain, snow, wind, and harsh sun.

User-Friendly Features

Lumen, battery, and body are the three main things you should look for when buying an EDC tactical flashlight. Other than that, having additional features like a tactical tail switch, proximity sensor, multi-brightness mode, in-built laser, and battery level indicator is a bonus.

  • Tail Switch – It helps to momentary-on or constant-on the light. A flashlight with a tail switch plus a side switch would make a perfect EDC tactical flashlight.
  • Portability – With great performance, EDC tactical light should also be small and compact, so that you can carry it anywhere you go.
  • Strobe Mode – If you’re planning to buy an EDC tactical flashlight, I am sure you’re also thinking of using it as a self-defense tool when needed. Strobe mode is the light setting that can be used to disorient an assailant or send an emergency signal.
  • Battery Indicator – This is useful when you’re traveling far from home or when you’re planning a longer camping trip.
  • Proximity Sensor – Sometimes you might mistakenly leave your flashlight on. This is where the proximity sensor came into play. This sensor helps to dim the light and turn it off when the lens is obstructed by an object.

Javelot Mini – Perfect EDC Tactical Flashlight

This is the first EDC tactical flashlight from Olight. We’re sure you’ll love how easy it is to use, the compactness, and the light it produces.

Despite the Javelot’s small size, it can still provide up to 1000 lumens and 600 meters of illumination, switch between high and low light modes and attach to objects magnetically.

Talking about the battery, Javelot is powered by a single 2040mAh 18500 rechargeable lithium battery, which runs up to five hours. Javelot also has a small motor, which vibrates when the battery is getting low.

Overall, the Javelot mini is considered to be one of the best EDC tactical flashlights. High light output, aircraft-grade aluminum body, 4.53 in. long, 1.5-meter drop resistance, and IPX8 waterproof rating makes it a perfect EDC tactical combo flashlight.