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Easy method for credit card payments

Credit card payments are far easier now since you can use numerous online and offline channels to pay your card bills. Missing your payments can result in late payment fees and various other penalties depending on the type of expenses. When you apply for a credit card ensure to know the details like the billing date and the due date to keep your payments ready and pay them on time. Banks also offer auto debit features to automatically debit your credit card bill so that you don’t have to worry about the payments whatsoever. In the article below, let us know the various methods for credit card payments.

Advancements in credit card bill payments

Digital advancement has revolutionised the banking sector and payments/purchases have become very easy and streamlined. You don’t need hard cash each time you wish to pay your bills or go shopping. Moreover, an online payment system provides security and reliability. Banks and credit card companies provide online and offline facilities to pay your credit card bills.

You can use the mobile app or third-party payment facilities to pay off your card dues. For instance, IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards are easy to manage through mobile and net banking. You can log into your credit card account and have full control of your credit card with just one tap. Also, pay your bills directly from your bank account using NEFT, RTGS, UPI, IMPS etc without hassles. Moreover, credit cards from IDFC FIRST Bank are known to be the most affordable cards with exclusive offers and are free for a lifetime.

Common ways for credit card payments

Banks and financial institutions provide numerous ways of payment and you can choose a suitable credit card payment option based on your convenience. Here are a few common ways for credit card bill payments.

  • Net banking

Net banking is one of the easiest ways for credit card payments. Most banks offer access to online banking facilities for paying your credit card dues. You simply need to log into your bank account, select your credit card through the bill payment option and pay the outstanding amounts within no time.

  • Mobile banking app

Alternatively, you can also use the mobile banking app to pay your card dues. The process is similar to net banking. You need to log into the mobile app and choose your credit card in the bill payment section. Then, process as instructed to complete the payment.

  • Third-party payment app

Along with official mobile banking apps, you also get numerous third-party payment apps which offer rewards, cashback, and a range of discounts on shopping etc. when your credit card bills using their mobile application. You can download them from Play Store or App Store and register using your contact and personal details to begin your credit card payments.

  • UPI payment

UPI is the next level of online payment in India. With just a few simple clicks, you can conveniently pay your credit card bills on time. Simply go to the bill payment section in your UPI app and select your credit card. Enter the card number and pay using your UPI PIN.

  • Auto-debit or standing instruction

If you hold multiple credit cards, you can use an auto debit or standing instruction feature to never miss out on your payments. Use your net banking or mobile app to opt for standing instructions for credit card bill payments. You can also set up the auto-debit feature when you apply for a new credit card to automatically pay your bills.

With various digital payment methods, you can conveniently pay your credit card bills without defaults and avoid unwanted penalties or high interest payments.