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How ALSCO Can Keep Your Online Application Secure

If you want to launch an online company, the first thing you need to do is take precautions to protect your data, application, and website. Simply because there is billions of traffic on the internet at any given time. Some of them are the excellent traffic that you want, but there is also the possibility that bad traffic such as spam and cybercriminals will try to reach your site.

As a consequence of this, you require a system that can filter out the traffic that comes from the internet. to provide you with the traffic you want and to block individuals that spam you. Because of this, you ought to give some thought to ALSCO

In this piece, we will discuss ALSCO, its trademark (Secure Gateway), and how ALSCO can assist you in maintaining the safety of the information you store online.

What exactly is ALSCO?

ALSCO is a privately held firm that is dedicated to offering first-class information technology services, technical support, and solutions to governmental agencies, enterprises, and organizations all over the world. Since 2007, ALSCO has been providing its IT support, custom software solutions, and online services via the Cloud to a diverse collection of customers. These customers include the government in addition to businesses of all shapes and sizes, ranging from well-established multinational corporations to young, up-and-coming companies.

ALSCO is recognized not only as a leading company in the managed service provider field but also as a developer of software and web solutions that are of the highest possible quality.

The ALSCO Team is comprised of people from a diverse range of professional and educational experiences and backgrounds. These professions include database and integration specialists, designers, technical project managers, system and software engineers, and designers. Some of them have even earned certification from Microsoft. ALSCO derives a great deal of satisfaction from the fact that it is in a position to provide governments, enterprises, and other organizations with a comprehensive solution and a single point of contact for all of their technology requirements.

ALSCO’s Secure Gateway is a device that recognizes and evaluates each request made to your application and only delivers you legitimate traffic as a result. The following will explain everything there is to know about Secure Gateway.

Secure Gateway – A Product  of ALSCO

ALSCO is the company that developed Secure Gateway, and they also own the trademark for the product. Secure Gateway lets legitimate visitors access your website while preventing malicious and unwanted requests from doing so. It finds and analyses each request made to your website, which results in a decreased load on your server as well as increased website speed and security.

The Secure Gateway technology name and logo are both registered trademarks in the United States, with the respective registration numbers being 5899344 and 6079175. In addition, the technology behind Secure Gateway has been given a global patent under the registration numbers 10498760 and 10630721, respectively, for use with NTA technology, which is also known as Network Traffic Analysis.

What is the Process of Secure Gateway?

The following is the procedure:

  • Through the utilization of Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), Secure Gateway ensures the confidentiality of information and data by routing all incoming requests through a network of centralized servers. Secure Gateway is also known as the Secure Gateway.


  • After that, the requests are evaluated, and then they are passed on to the actual host servers of the e-system via the servers that make up the Secure Gateway (your website).


  • Following their journey through the Secure Gateway servers, the requests will be analyzed by the NTA technology. The requests will be reviewed after this analysis, and after that, they will be separated into two categories: genuine requests and phishing requests.


  • On the servers that make up the Secure Gateway, phishing queries are isolated to their folders. Only legitimate questions are permitted to be submitted to the host servers of the electronic system.

After that point, no visitor will be able to determine the location of the actual hosting servers, nor will they be able to access the information that these servers keep unless they first go through the Secure Gateway servers. In other words, no visitor will be able to access the data stored on these servers until they go via the Secure Gateway servers. Instead of receiving requests for their services directly from users, the actual servers will only receive them from the Secure Gateway servers. Users will not be able to send requests to the real servers directly.

Final Thoughts

I hope that everything about ALSCO, its product Secure Gateway, and how it operates will be crystal clear to you. ALSCO is committed to making a difference in its clients’ lives for the better by delivering to them a solution that raises their level of productivity. Simply make your way to ALSCO to protect both your online business and your network.