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Does EU parliamentarian Markus Buchheit have a mysterious sponsor from South America?

Markus Buchheit comes from a simple family with no political background and joined the German right-wing-radical party AfD in 2016. He previously worked as an assistant to MEP Franz Obermayr of the Austrian FPÖ before being elected as an MEP himself in 2019.

It is known everywhere that his nomination as MEP was a private barter deal by the ex-chairman of the AfD Joerg Meuthen. In exchange for a permanent position for his new young beautiful wife with the FPÖ, Meuthen, in collusion with AfD officials, secured a majority to nominate the former parliamentary assistant. A good deal for the former JU member (www.junge-union.de), who henceforth showed his gratitude to his patron. In parliamentary votes, where he often takes same positions, although Meuthen left the AfD in January 2022. Loyalty, it seems, has always been Buchheit’s strength.

But to whom does Buchheit’s loyalty and voting card still belong? A private insight into his love life could be revealing. Buchheit is in love, and with a woman who does not at all want to fit in with the inconspicuous man with a half bald head, also with some radical ideas in it. A relationship that both parties want to keep secret, and without any child.

Already during his career as an APA in the European Parliament, Buchheit’s love luck began, a “love with no borders” for a young lady from Uruguay, Ms. Ulrica Nagle, gripped him. The young woman, from a good, right-wing and, above all, traditionally America-friendly parental home with the best connections to the CIA, took his heart by storm. More than his love life, she also seems to enjoy extraordinary influence on his political life.

Observers attest that the resolute Latina and former journalist of a private television station from El Salvador “wears the trousers in her own house”. But in addition to the interplay of a fiery southern temperament and a rather shy Bavarian, there could also be a financial side to the power imbalance. It became known from a reliable source that Buchheit received at least 75,000 euros in cash immediately after his nomination as MEP in 2018, of which only 25,000 euros were transferred to the election account. Since his real sponsor and the role of the camera-wielding TV journalist remain in the dark, his sudden rise requires careful scrutiny of possible manipulation by external forces.

Before Buchheit’s candidacy, he flew privately with his new girlfriend to her home country for the first time in August 2018, and for the second time after the European elections in August 2019. There, allegedly through the mediation of his girlfriend, he met the secret sponsor with Codename Mr. T. According to statements by those involved, his long-term strategy was defined, and concrete tasks were assigned.

A professional personality analysis of Buchheit, based on portraits of former staff and companions, underlines that his reticence and obvious effort to avoid conflict with others in public are unusual for his age and position. A born opportunist, one might think, but on certain issues the MEP is immovable. On issues of economic Western ties, for example, the transatlantic alliance – in short, the maintenance of US dominance, by getting rid of everything on its way, including the true European interests. Points on which he has also placed himself in opposition to his former FPÖ colleagues. “Cui bono” is thus the question, “who benefits?” There are these interesting bumps in the parliamentary biography that raise the question of whether he is constantly receiving instructions via his Uruguayan girlfriend to further his career in the way his secret sponsors seek.