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Desert Safari Dubai | All you need to know about Desert Adventure

Dubai’s Most Romantic Desert Tour

There is Premium Desert Safari

This desert safari Dubai trip is part of the travel company’s premium collection of high-end trips. After your private desert adventure, you can return to your oasis cabana and eat a delicious meal under the stars. Included are both pick-up and drop-off services, which complete in a private car.

Luxury Camping in The Desert With A Meal For The Night

So, this isn’t a desert safari in the traditional sense. Instead, it’s a royal feast on the same grounds where The Planet Adventure runs its tours. But you must pay for your way to and from your destination.

Some of Dubai’s best overnight trips into the desert.

The Desert Safari That Lasts All Night.

Dubai Desert Safari Group

This package includes an adventure pack, an hour-long camel caravan or Vintage Land Rover nature safari, a falconry show, a four-course meal, and cultural entertainment.

Also, instead of a Bedouin tent, you will sleep in a room made of stone and wake up to a delicious breakfast. The focus is on vacations that are good for the environment and offer real Emirati experiences.

At Dubai’s Al Khayma Desert Camp, You Can Go on A Safari, Ride Camels, And Have a BBQ.

On this desert trip, some fun things planned for the day are dune bashing, sandboarding, and a camel ride. There will be dinner and live performances in the evening, and then you will sleep in a Bedouin tent. As the sun rises, you can have a traditional Arabian breakfast and ride a camel across the desert. The activities are for bigger groups, and only 200 people are allowed to stay the night.

Dubai’s Best Desert Excursions Are Unforgettable

Desert Safari with Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise

This trip is the same as The Planet Adventure Overnight Desert Safari float, except the name is different. You also ride in a hot air balloon, which is a unique experience. Think about the beautiful desert and the Hajar Mountains as the sun rises. When you land, you can eat a delicious Arabian breakfast.

Desert Safari in Dubai with Falcons

The Bedouin has done falconry for a long time. On this one-of-a-kind desert safari, you can learn more about this exciting way to hunt and even try it out for yourself. A falcon can fly into your hand while wearing gloves and back out again. This adventure takes place in the well-known Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

A Private Safari as Well as An Astronomy Session

You’ll ride around in a classic Land Rover on this memorable trip. At the same time, your guide uses night-vision binoculars to show you the desert’s nocturnal animals. If you want to see the stars, there’s no better place than a beautiful desert stretch far from the lights of Dubai.

Typical Inquiries

What To Bring on A Trip Through the Desert in Dubai

For a day in the desert, wear light, airy clothes, and block UV rays. Ideal clothes are made of cotton and lint. On winter nights, most people need a light jacket or sweater. For trips into the desert, it’s best to wear shoes with a solid sole, like walking shoes, sneakers, or light boots.

It’s not a good idea to wear flip-flops, which hurt your feet on the sand and are easy to lose on a camel ride. They are buried in the sand, so it will be hard to find them.  If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t give you a hat or shawl, you should bring your own, along with sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle.

Safety For Kids on A Dubai Desert Safari

Dune bashing isn’t allowed for kids younger than 3, and camel rides aren’t recommended for kids younger than 5. Because of this, most service providers won’t work with kids younger than 5.

If you decide to bring your child with you, make sure to stay close to them at all times. Please ensure the tour company knows how old your kids are so they can bring the right car seat.

Desert In Dubai Cost

A quick desert safari that focuses on activities costs about 155 AED per person. In contrast, a private, high-end desert dining experience can cost up to 12,000 AED. Click on the booking links in the summary of trip suggestions.

Which Is A Better Desert Adventure: A Day Trip Or An Overnight Trip?

That depends on how you like things. A morning desert safari is an excellent choice if you want to get the most out of your trip but don’t have much time. Evening desert safaris often include a barbeque dinner and live entertainment, making them an excellent choice for vacationers who want the full experience. Also, you can go on an overnight safari if you can’t choose between a desert sunset and a desert sunrise.

Trips During the Month of Ramadan

Even though most tours will still happen during Ramadan, things like dance performances will not. Read the tour’s terms and conditions carefully if you want to travel during Ramadan.

Where The Bathroom on The Safari?

Most campsites have bathrooms for campers to use. And we must say that at least at The Planet Adventure’s campground, everything was nice and clean. If you choose an activity-only desert safari, your driver will stop so you can take a break.

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Does It Make Sense To Go On A Desert Safari In Dubai? 

Yes, that’s right! Even more so, if you choose a tour company that cares about animal welfare, works to protect the environment in which it works, and gives its customers both educational and fun experiences.

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