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Why start-up business needs marketing

It seems that the term “marketing” describes something far away, needed only by large corporations. But this is not so: every company does something called marketing, just not every one does it consciously and competently. Companies that help in marketing for business are very relevant, one of these is Martech Software. This is not just a CMT agency, it is experienced experts who will increase your sales and raise the reputation of your business. We explain what the essence of this activity is, why marketing is wider than advertising, how to do without a marketer at first, and in what cases even top marketing agencies will be powerless.

Marketing helps you understand the customer

Surely you have studied the assortment and prices of competitors. Such an analysis is already marketing, as it is a superficial market research. It remains only to delve into it and understand who is interested in your products and how to offer people exactly what they want.

Define, at least roughly, the key characteristics of your audience: gender, age, place of residence, income level, interests. Then divide the clients into groups. So, the audience of a furniture salon can include couples with children, bachelors, company managers who buy furniture for the office, and all these people will be interested in completely different promotional offers. Understanding the audience, its habits and needs will allow you to “please” more customers.

Marketing Attracts Those Who Don’t Show Up

Starting a business, some entrepreneurs rely solely on word of mouth. But it is not omnipotent. How do the customers of a paint factory on the other side of town know that it has the lowest prices if the price list is not freely available, and the company has not announced itself in any way? Marketing offers many effective tools for promoting goods and services, and not all of them require large investments. Hashtag contests, posting in thematic groups on social networks, partnerships with specialized distributors, contextual and targeted advertising, mailing lists, promotions, discounts and special offers, publications in thematic media – all this can be used to get people to know about you and come to you.

Marketing pushes for product improvement

It’s hard to sell people what they don’t need. Even more difficult is to make sure that the purchase is not a one-time purchase. Marketing allows you to determine the true needs of the audience, which are not always obvious. Understand what is more important for the consumer: convenience, aesthetics, affordability, quality, or a combination of some parameters. And thanks to this, not only to correctly build a promotion strategy but also to detect product imperfections from the client’s point of view.

Marketing suggests prices and method of sales promotion

It doesn’t matter if the price is high or low – in the mind of the consumer, the price must be fair: the client wants to understand why he is offered to pay so much for. Thanks to marketing, the company will know the prices in its niche, the approximate solvency of the audience, and will be able to operate within these limits. And the price and its “justification” in the advertising message about the product will look different, depending on the interests of each consumer segment: as a payment for elite value, as a way to save money, as a guarantee of quality, etc. Market and audience research will also tell you what will push sales in a particular situation: a “2 for the price of 1” promotion, giving away free samples, or discounts.

Marketing is the basis of a customer-oriented business

It is not necessary to use all existing tools, in some places just common sense is enough. It is important to be guided by the key idea of ​​marketing: at the center of the business are the needs and interests of the client, to which the company’s product corresponds. Otherwise, what the entrepreneur does will only be necessary for him, and no advertising tricks will motivate customers to buy regularly.