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Countdown to Change: Haitian Development Network Foundation’s ‘Feed Yourself’ Campaign Starts June 1st.

Washington, DC – May 30, 2024 – Haiti faces critical socio-economic challenges, with widespread poverty, hunger, and increasing gang violence affecting daily life. To address these pressing issues, the Haitian Development Network Foundation (HDN Foundation) is launching the ‘Feed Yourself’ campaign in two days, on June 1st. This initiative aims to provide immediate relief while promoting long-term self-reliance and sustainable development in Haitian communities.

Two Days to Go: Urgent Need for Action in Haiti

With just two days remaining until the launch of the ‘Feed Yourself’ campaign, the urgency of Haiti’s socio-economic situation is more apparent than ever. A significant portion of the population lives in poverty, struggling to secure basic necessities such as food and shelter. The rise in gang violence exacerbates these difficulties, causing further disruption and instability. In this challenging environment, many Haitians face severe food insecurity, underscoring the urgent need for effective interventions.

The ‘Feed Yourself’ Initiative

The ‘Feed Yourself’ campaign is designed to empower Haitian communities through a holistic approach focused on agricultural development, food accessibility, and community empowerment. This comprehensive strategy aims to tackle the root causes of hunger and poverty, fostering a sustainable path to self-sufficiency.

Boosting Local Agriculture: Central to the campaign is the revitalization of Haiti’s agricultural sector. By providing essential resources, including seeds, tools, and training in modern farming techniques, the HDN Foundation seeks to enhance local food production. Community-based projects like Jaden Lakou promote collective farming efforts, reducing reliance on imported food and fostering local resilience.

Enhancing Food Security: The initiative prioritizes making nutritious food accessible to all. By partnering with local organizations, the HDN Foundation will distribute food supplies, implement school feeding programs, and support community food banks. These efforts are crucial in addressing immediate hunger and building a foundation for long-term food security.

Empowering Through Education: Beyond immediate relief, the ‘Feed Yourself’ campaign emphasizes the importance of education and vocational training. By offering financial literacy programs and entrepreneurial support, the HDN Foundation helps individuals develop the skills needed to achieve economic independence and stability.

Visionary Leadership

Jacques Jonassaint, the driving force behind the HDN Foundation, brings extensive experience and a visionary approach to the campaign. His background as a former Special Envoy and his expertise in political and business management equip him with the skills to lead transformative initiatives. Under his guidance, the ‘Feed Yourself’ campaign is poised to make a lasting impact on Haiti’s development.

Get Involved

With the launch just one day away, the HDN Foundation invites everyone to join the ‘Feed Yourself’ campaign. Your support, whether through donations, volunteering, or partnerships, is essential to the success of this initiative. Together, we can create a brighter future for Haiti and its people.

To learn more about HDN Foundation’s advocacy initiatives and how you can support their mission, please visit https:  //hdnfoundation.org




About HDN Foundation:

The Haitian Development Network Foundation (HDN Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) public charity promoting social and economic development in Haiti. Our goal is to empower the Haitian people by providing them with the necessary resources and support to build a better future. HDN Foundation is dedicated to promoting economic empowerment, educational advancement, and governmental reform in Haiti. HDN Foundation works tirelessly to uplift Haitians and build a more prosperous and sustainable future for the nation.