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Canine Dental Health: Teeth Brushing Lessons

Canine dental health begins with brushing. A puppy can eat stuff off the ground, lick icky things, and get its mouth on prohibited items like specific human food items and more.

It only makes sense to clean up your little pupper’s pearly whites regularly to ensure oral and dental health. At the same time, if your furry pet is already suffering from teeth issues, the bacteria will likely make its way into the gums and other body parts.

In such a case, dental problems and expensive treatments may be inevitable. Consider being prepared with pet insurance NZ, including dental cover, so that you can get your puppy quality treatments right on time with little economic hassle.

Dog insurance allows you to support your canine with the medical care it deserves during challenging health situations like this and many others. In the meantime, read this article to learn how to brush your furry precious’ teeth.

Things you will need

Some pooches are more prone to teeth loss, abscesses, and dental diseases, which is why it is advisable to brush their teeth twice or thrice a week at least.

Stock up supplies like dog toothpaste, a toothbrush, a rubber cap having nubs, a soft towel, and a cloth piece to wrap around your finger. You can even consider using a finger toothbrush so that cleaning in remote areas is much easier.

Use only dog toothpaste to ensure your puppy’s health and safety. Note that puppies often swallow the paste and don’t spit it out like humans. Hence using products made for human use on them can lead to scary health situations.

Also, toothpastes made for furry babies are often available in lip-smacking flavors. For instance, chicken, peanut butter, and bacon flavors are an instant hit in the pet community. This twist given to the toothpaste can make your furry little one enjoy brushing sessions.

How do I brush?

Make sure your puppy is seated comfortably on a table. After this, slowly lift your furry baby’s upper lips to access the top teeth set. Now, take a dog toothbrush with a little puppy-safe toothpaste on top and water so you can start brushing in circular motions.

Carefully brush in the regions where your canine’s teeth meet the gum line both on the top and the bottom. Also, don’t forget to clean those chompers hidden in the back thoroughly. Removing plaque buildup on your four-legged baby’s teeth helps minimize oral and dental issues.

Apart from teeth cleaning, you should also make it a point to wipe your fur kid’s eyes and ears with wet wipes repeatedly. Simultaneously, give your pet dry kibble, dog biscuits, hard toys, and bones to chew on. This helps keep those chompers tough and clean.

Professional cleaning sessions can help once in a while. Stay on top of your dental cleaning routine to minimize health problems. Poor dental care often demands painful procedures and costly treatments, which is one reason you should consider being equipped with pet insurance in NZ, including dental conditions.

The best dog insurance covers your four paws for accidental injuries, particular illnesses, dental conditions, emergencies, and more. Contemplate purchasing a policy so you can peacefully focus on getting your pet cured instead of the finances involved in tough health scenarios like this and many others.