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How much should garbage collection cost?

rubbish removal

Given that we are all spending so much more time at home because to Covid-19, it’s hardly surprise that we are all passionate DIYers and spring cleaners. Additionally, it meant that many of us had a lot more garbage and trash to dispose of. More than 600% more people visited our website in search of information on their neighbourhood household waste recycling facilities! However, you might find it difficult to travel to the neighbourhood “tip” or you may have some products that are too large or heavy for you to pack and transport on your own. Then what? Your options for having a rubbish removal service come to your home are the main topic of this article. To ensure that you are not being taken advantage of or that the price is too good to be true, we have also done research on the market pricing for these kinds of services.

Is it truly unworthy?

First things first – are you certain that it is unquestionably garbage? Have you considered giving it to a charity, selling it on a website like eBay, or offering it up for others on a website like Freegle? One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Giving your discarded items a second chance with a new owner benefits the environment, makes you feel good inside, and improves your financial situation.

Continue reading if you’re certain you have trash to get rid of.

The Three Bins of Goldilocks

What does the removal of trash have to do with this fairy tale? Well, you want a price that is “just right,” exactly like Goldilocks. We’ve done the research for you by comparing the prices of the top national waste removal providers in order to assist you in finding that.

Nobody wants to pay more than necessary for anything, right? You might, of course, be willing to pay a little bit more for a more convenient service or for extras, but you don’t want to feel overcharged—so you don’t want a price that is too high.

But you also don’t want to spend too little for trash collection because that indicates it won’t be handled ethically and lawfully. Numerous dishonest individuals who are not licenced frequently advertise rubbish disposal services in local newspapers and online on Facebook, Gumtree, and other similar websites. Since they lack a licence, they are unable to take it anywhere legally once they remove it from your home, and moreover, that is not how they operate. Instead, they charge you to have it removed, and then they dump it. As trash is cleaned up by our local authorities or other public sector organisations, they can undercut genuine operations and increase their profits by passing on the cost of properly handling it to the taxpayer (most of the time). Not only does this essentially mean that you are paying for this service twice (once directly to the fly tipper and again via your taxes to clean it up), but if it is discovered that you employed an unregistered service, you may also be subject to a fine. Therefore, although it may seem cheaper, it is not.

So what is “just right” in terms of rubbish removal costs?

When discussing mixed bulky home waste, cost for rubbish pickup can be a little unclear. It can frequently be estimated using weight, skip size, or cubic volume. These rates are based on “typical,” non-hazardous household rubbish, such as items you’d clear out of your attic, old furniture, and broken appliances, but they can also be highly caveated (more on that below). Additionally, there are a few possibilities for getting this type of trash removed, and those options will have an impact on the cost:

  • The cheapest and (sometimes) free alternative is to schedule a bulky waste collection with your local government, however this option isn’t always that convenient.
  • You might employ a skip.
  • You might utilise a “man and van” service; this is a terrific choice because they handle all the labor-intensive tasks, are quick and practical, and do away with the trouble of a skip.

They are also the services that shady sellers tend to offer the most, so you should be cautious while picking one. Be cautious and be sure to thoroughly investigate their credentials if they are providing junk removal for less than these costs.

Due to its rising popularity, we’re concentrating on the “man and van” service in this piece. One of the most well-known national operators was examined (skippys). Because you must pay VAT as a householder and are unlikely to be able to recoup it, these prices include VAT.

  • per metre, between £70 and $90.
  • 2 yards range from £99 to $110
  • ranging from £150 to £165
  • 7 yards range from £190 to £220.
  • Prices for 10 yards range from £228 to £288.
  • Prices for 14 Yards range from £248 to $350.

Why do caveats exist?

Because people discard a wide variety of items, and certain items are much more expensive to properly dispose of than others. Hazardous waste is subject to additional restrictions, needs special documentation and reporting, and needs expert management and disposal.

We’ve heard of cases where waste management companies discovered explosives in residential garbage, causing road closures and the need for bomb squads! However, certain commonplace goods might also be classified as harmful when they are discarded. For instance, refrigerators, batteries, some electronic and electrical devices, fluorescent lights, home chemicals (including bleach, gloss paint, ammonia, and weed killer), and, of course, more prominent items like asbestos. There is a cost associated with treating these items differently and making sure they are disposed of properly when a licenced operator receives them from your home in addition to the usual waste disposal fees mentioned above.

Mattresses are one example of a non-hazardous material that can often be particularly difficult to handle and end up costing more to dispose of than other sorts of waste. This has a lot to do with how recyclable an item is because there is a significant tax on waste that is disposed of in landfills, but we won’t get into that right now.


So, in conclusion

  • Are you certain it’s trash? Why not give your things a second chance and save money if they can be utilised by someone else?
  • You can either take it to the neighbourhood household waste recycling centre or tip, schedule a bulky waste collection through the council, rent a skip, or use a guy and a van to remove the trash if it is garbage.
  • Make sure you are in the “Goldilocks” range when comparing pricing for a council collection, skip rental, and man with a van. Additionally, you might want to consider how much convenience means to you.
  • Don’t get caught hiring a thief if you hire a skip or man and van; make sure they are licenced and have the proper documentation! Remember that you’ll be paying for it again with taxes and that you risk receiving a fine if the price appears too low.
  • By using our directory, you’re avoiding any unauthorised crooks since every waste service listed there has an Environment Agency licence.
  • To make a collection reservation with our partner, Acumen, click here if you don’t want to bother looking around.