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Campion College Outshines Australian Universities with Highest Graduate Satisfaction

Toongabbie, Australia, June 1, 2023 – According to the latest undergraduate graduate satisfaction survey by the Australian Federal Government, Campion College achieved the highest satisfaction rating among Australian universities. An impressive 96.2% of graduates at Campion were satisfied with their overall academic experience at the institution. This exceptional outcome notably surpasses the average of 80.4% reported across Australian universities.

Campion College, Australia’s only Catholic liberal arts college, provides students with a personalized educational experience focused on developing well-rounded individuals committed to lifelong learning and ethical leadership.

“We are thrilled that Campion graduates highly value their time at our college,” said a spokesperson of Campion College. “Campion’s mission is to educate students through close interaction with faculty and an integrated curriculum centered around the Great Books. Our students build strong relationships and communities during their time here, which contributes greatly to their satisfaction upon graduation,” the spokesperson added.

Several factors drive Campion’s exceptional performance in graduate satisfaction:

Campion employs experienced faculty focused on interactive and discussion-based learning. Small class sizes facilitate close student-faculty relationships and mentorship. Professors are able to give attention to each student and provide the guidance they need to thrive.

Campion’s small size and liberal arts curriculum promote participation and engagement. The Campion College Student Association enables students to join a diverse range of co-curricular opportunities that serve to complement and enhance their educational experience. From athletic organizations and recreational clubs to community service initiatives and vibrant campus events, there are many outlets for students to pursue their passions, connect with like-minded peers, develop important life skills, and become fully engaged members of the College community. The institute fosters an intimate campus community where students develop a profound sense of connection and shared purpose.

Robust academic advising, spiritual guidance, mental health counseling, and peer support are available to all Campion students. The support systems in place assist students through their educational journey, help them overcome obstacles, realize their full potential, and have a transformative experience during their course of study, resulting in a satisfactory experience.

Campion provides students with a well-resourced library containing over 25,000 reference materials and audio-visual aids, as well as computer labs, study spaces, and learning support. Students also benefit from College faculty and chapel ministry resources. The college offers students unlimited access to high-end academic resources and cutting-edge technologies that cultivate an environment ideally suited for scholarly inquiry and personal development.

A Campion education focuses on critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. Students participate in seminars, clubs, chapel life, and athletic programs. They are afforded myriad opportunities to cultivate globally in-demand competencies that will enable their long-term personal and professional success. Campion College transforms students into thinkers, leaders, and innovators.

“Our holistic approach to higher education, from our integrated Great Books-centered curriculum to our tight-knit College community, transforms students and prepares them for life beyond university,” said the college spokesperson.

Prospective students interested in an engaging educational experience at Australia’s top-rated college for graduate satisfaction are invited to apply for Campion’s diploma and degree programs.

About Campion College

Campion College is Australia’s premier Catholic liberal arts college, offering a personalized education through small class sizes, close student-faculty mentorship, and an integrated curriculum centered on the Great Books. Established in 1969, Campion College is situated in Sydney, Australia. The college aims to inspire and equip ethical leaders and visionaries who will shape the future with purpose and make a profound and positive difference on the global stage.

Campion College, a leading Catholic liberal arts college in Australia, achieves the highest student satisfaction ranking in the nation due to its transformative education and tight-knit community. 



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