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Blockchain IT company Hessegg’s new technology “Uni Contract”

“Hessegg, a Korean blockchain company, has developed Uni Contract, which overcomes the limitations of existing Smart Contracts. NiktoNet, Hessegg’s Layer 1 mainnet, will establish itself as one of the strongest and fastest mainnet. Uni Contract is designed as a new way to connect external software and blockchain, enabling many tasks that were not possible with Smart Contracts.  

[Hessegg Mainnet Technology “Uni Contract”]. Photo by Hessegg]

Smart Contracts developed as source code are distributed in binary form but cannot be restored to source code when changed to binary, so we have no choice but to absolutely trust the creator of Smart Contracts. In addition, since it is impossible to modify the code on the blockchain, it is difficult for Smart Contracts running on the blockchain network to modify the code even if there is an error in the code. Therefore, if inaccurate or incorrect data is entered during the Smart Contract input process, a Smart Contract full of errors is created.

Smart Contracts run all applications as a single virtual machine, and thousands of nodes run by a single virtual machine inevitably slow processing, and it is easy to enter information about simple transactions in code, but complex contract conditions are often difficult to implement in code.

To overcome the limitations of these Smart Contracts, Hessegg developed a new framework, “Uni Contract”. Unlike Smart Contracts, Uni Contract execute executable files that process user requests outside the blockchain, and requests that users send to applications are stored as transactions in the blockchain. Because applications run outside the blockchain, they are not limited to the complexity, computing power, or programming language of requests, and are as powerful as CPU-based clusters, and can handle thousands of requests per second. Applications can use timer and timeout functions, easily connect to the web, and perform many tasks that Smart Contracts cannot do.

In addition, when using a Uni Contract, companies can maintain the existing work form and process, store and secure important information outside the blockchain, and even if the blockchain is restored or recovered, only simple input and output data processing through the Uni Contract is exposed in the form of transactions.

In addition, through Uni Contract, all decisions and results recorded on the blockchain can be tracked and confirmed, and inaccurate and suspicious results and procedures can be found and analyzed. Hessegg has already completed the construction of the NiktoNet, designed on a Uni Contract basis, in several projects in the form of a private mainnet, proving its technicality.

Meanwhile, Hessegg launched Klaatoo Wallet, a digital asset wallet for the global market, and plans to launch the Web 3.0 platform Polberry within this year.

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